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      The Taipei Book Release Party Is Tonight

      By VICE Staff

      June 5, 2013

      Tao Lin's new book, Taipei, was released yesterday and has been flying off the shelves and internets like hotcakes with little blue Xanax sprinkles. We are admittedly biased, so won't try to explain why the book is Tao's best yet (besides, lots of other people have already done that) and will just tell you to buy a copy here and find out for yourself. Or, if you happen to be in Brooklyn tonight, you can buy one at PowerHouse Arena, which will be hosting the launch party for Taipei. There won't be a reading because, generally speaking, readings suck ass. There will, however, be an abundance of free booze, and DJ sets from Jenn Pelly and Carrie Battan, two Pitchfork people who probably know a thing or three about music. Yesterday Tao told us via email that he has "confirmed probably 15 ppl plan on using it [the book launch] as a chance to get really fucked up" and "several ppl have planned to die from drugs that night also." So there's that.

      We should also mention—and if you've been clicking your clicker around this website over the past couple of months you already know this—that we've published a bunch of Tao's iPhone photos from his recent trip to Taipei. The last batch goes up today, and you can find the other ones here here here here here here and here.

      OK see you tonight.

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