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      DOs & DON'Ts Book Two Release and the End of the DOs & DON'Ts

      July 12, 2012

      Last night we threw a party to commemorate the end of the DOs & DON'Ts column in VICE.

      The Fat Jew and Cat Marnell wrote pithy judgemental notes on decals and attached them to our fans who were visibly shocked and astonished when guest speaker Genesis P-Orridge announced that the release of the DOs & DON'Ts Book Two, out now on VICE Books, was the final chapter of one of the most glorious, celebrated fashion critique columns in the history of publishing.

      As Genesis broke the news, the atmosphere at the party turned from "Yeaaahhhhhhh!" to "Nooooooo!!!!"

      Dos & Don'ts Book 2 editor Thomas Morton / party organizer was the man responsible for killing the column / breaking everybody's hearts. Suroosh was like: "Wait, we still run the DOs & DON'Ts?"

      Editor-in-Chief Rocco Castoro (right) was like: "Fucking psyched this column is gone, it's like one less email I have to worry about." Jason Mojica (middle), who's the head of going to dangerous places and shooting videos about them, was like: "TBH I only used to look at the mag for the American Apparel ads."

      Fat Jew. Has to move back to his parents house as his only source of income has been cut off.

      Jonathan Toubin was like: "WTF, I came back from the dead for this shit?" Susanne likes weird, awk things so she was really happy about it all and Gazin is like the same vibe, i.e. goth.

      This is when Genesis announced that the D&Ds were over and Annette was like: "Wait? What?" Then her face totally changed and she was like "WTF X a million???"

      Here's Cat Marnell. Email donations to vitamins@catmarnell.com

      And everybody else is in the gallery above. Most of those photos were shot before the announcement was made, that's why they're still looking happy. Seriously it turned into a fucking bloodbath. Sorry, everyone.

      By Andy Capper (ex-DOs & DON'Ts writer)

      Photos by Vito Fun