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      By VICE Staff

      January 20, 2016

      Sarah Palin backs Donald Trump. Photo via Flickr user Alex Hanson.

      Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

      US News

      Palin Backs Trump
      Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, saying he would "never apologize for America." One GOP strategist dismissed the endorsement by saying Trump's campaign was supported by "men who masturbate to anime." —The New York Times

      Electric Failures Downing US Drones
      Accidents involving Air Force drones have hit a record high: 20 large military drones were destroyed or sustained serious damage last year. The Reaper "hunter-killer" drone has been particularly prone to electrical failure, losing power and dropping from the sky. —The Washington Post

      Sanders Leads Over Clinton in New Hampshire
      Bernie Sanders is pulling way ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for New Hampshire primary voters. A new CNN/WMUR poll has Sanders 27 percent ahead, expanding his lead there by 20 points since December, his largest lead anywhere in the country. —CNN

      Wildlife Lovers Protest Against Militia
      Hundreds of Oregon conservationists gathered at a Portland park to call on the armed group occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Burns to leave so others could enjoy nature. The group, led by the Audubon Society of Portland, chanted "Birds not bullies." —Oregon Live

      International News

      Deadly Attack on Pakistani University
      A gun attack on the Bacha Khan University campus in northwest Pakistan has left at least 20 people dead, including students and staff. Six attackers have been killed by security guards. Local media reports say the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. —Al Jazeera

      Columbia and Farc Ask for UN Mission
      The Colombian government and the left-wing rebel movement Farc have asked the UN to oversee the end of their decades-long conflict. Negotiators at peace talks in Cuba said they are asking the UN to send a 12-month mission to oversee any possible ceasefire. —Reuters

      Kurds Destroyed Arab Homes in Iraq
      Kurdish forces in northern Iraq have demolished thousands of homes in an effort to remove Arab communities, says Amnesty International. An Amnesty report claims the Kurds have cleared Arab villages in revenge for perceived support for the Islamic State. —BBC News

      Palestinians Angry at Airbnb's West Bank Listings
      Airbnb has been criticized by Palestinians for rental listings in Jewish settlements in the West Bank which make no mention the property is on disputed land. Airbnb said it "follows laws and regulations on where we can do business." —AP

      Fans gather at the inaugural A$AP Yams Day in New York. Photoby Jessica Lehrman

      Everything Else

      Steelers Star Regrets NFL Career
      Former Pittsburgh Steelers star Antwaan Randle El says he regrets his career in football because of memory loss caused by neurological damage. "If I could go back... I would play baseball," he said. —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

      Danish Nightclubs Ban Migrants
      Some nightclubs in Denmark are trying to ban the country's new migrants by imposing language rules on the door. Danish media has reported complaints by women who say they've been harassed by male refugees. —The Daily Beast

      Five Planets Visible at Once
      For the next two weeks Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be visible in the night sky — a rare astronomical alignment which hasn't happened for more than a decade. —Vox

      Fans Mark Inaugural Yams Day
      Thousands of A$AP Yams fans gathered at New York City's Terminal 5 to pay tribute to the hip-hop star, who died one year ago. The concert featured A$AP Yams's mother Tatianna bouncing around on stage. —Noisey

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