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      The VICE Music Nerds Got Free Lil Wayne Beats Headphones and You Didn't

      By Kelly McClure


      January 25, 2013

      This is a short and sweet little thing to tell you all that the nice people who head up Beats sent me (Music Editor for VICE) and the entire staff of Noisey these amazing and wonderful Lil Wayne Beats headphones—for free. Well, OK, they sent them because I emailed them and begged for them, but still. We have them. We have them, and we wear them daily, and you don't have them. You don't have anything. We have it all. But most importantly, we have these Beats.

      I asked the other music nerds who have these Beats to send me pictures of themselves wearing them, but they didn't, so I snapped this angry looking pictures of Noisey staffer, Drew Millard wearing his. 

      As people who write about music for money, we listen to it allllll day long. Listening to music in an office setting means that you need headphones, and most headphones suck. I should know because this is not my first rodeo in the sense of emailing for free headphones, but it is most definitely the first pair that I have gotten and loved. These are so comfy that it's like wearing two breasts on your head. Breasts that spit out music instead of milk, which is just as God, and Lil Wayne, intended. If you're in the market for headphones, you should buy these, because they're good and not bad. 



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