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      It's the 2012 VICE Photo Show!

      By VICE Staff

      August 8, 2012

      A lot of parties are put on to celebrate lame stuff, like someone surviving another year of soul-crushing life, or someone else getting knocked up. Well, tonight we’re hosting a party that actually has a reason to exist—the opening of our 2012 photo show. If you don’t know already, our biggest issue of the year (literally, the paper stock is bigger) is our Photo Issue, and every year we put together a gallery show to display some of the amazing images we managed to cram into the magazine. To celebrate, we’re inviting everyone reading this blog post (and who will legally fit in the space) to come over and drink and look at the photos.

      The opening party is tonight, from 7 to 10 PM, at the Black and White Gallery in Brooklyn. You can RSVP here, but these things tend to fill up fast, and we’ve been talking about this party for a little while on our social media pages, so you should probably get your typin’ fingers a tappin’, pronto. If you can’t make it tonight, just come back to the gallery Thursday through Sunday, when it won’t be crammed full of people half-drunk on the open bar vodka.

      The Black and White Gallery is located at 483 Driggs Ave., between North 10th and North 9th streets in Brooklyn, New York. Party is 21+ and goes from 7 to 10 PM. Complimentary drinks provided by 42 Below Vodka and Averna.

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