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      The VICE Podcast Show - Have We Won in Afghanistan?

      By Eddy Moretti

      May 9, 2013

      The VICE Podcast is a weekly unedited discussion that delves inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people in the VICE universe. This week we spoke with author and filmmaker Ben Anderson, who has just returned from Helmand, the most violent province in Afghanistan. With US forces withdrawing, most of the country is now controlled by the Afghan government and its security forces. This, it was officially claimed, is victory. Ben's disturbing new documentary, This Is What Winning Looks Like (premiering Monday on VICE.com), would suggest otherwise.

      If you're more of a listener who doesn't like watching things, well, you're in luck:

      Read Ben's piece from the May issue of VICE, "This Is What Winning Looks Like."

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