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      Theo Cottle Takes Great Photos of Rough People

      March 12, 2013

      On first glance, Theo Cottle's photographs would lead you to believe that he's quite the English hood rat. As a man of few words, Theo doesn't need to speak much in order to increase the impact of his gritty images. His work shows day-to-day life in his native Bristol: drugs, fights, and gaping holes in human flesh. During our quick chats, the only insight I have so far been able to muster is that he's a recent university graduate with a stutter. ("I find talking to people I don't know in the street can really help me.") That, and his photographs are often used as evidence in criminal cases. Maybe that's why there's so little information floating around on Theo Cottle (a.k.a., Theo Young, a.k.a., Fantastic Ted). Either way, we love his work, and we hope you can get something out of it.

      Check out Theo's website.

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