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      The Berlin Fotofestival's Cell Phone Contest Is Heating Up

      May 1, 2013

      A few weeks ago we gave you a heads up about a new contest coinciding with the Berlin Fotofestival 2013. The gist of it was that the organizers of the festival are seeking submissions from the world's best cell phone photographers. The top three entries, picked by a panel of distinguished lensmen, will win cash and a chance to exhibit their work at their own show. The festival is asking each photog to submit five photos taken on their cell phones that "show a serious engagement with a situation or theme of your choice." Last time, we showed you some of your competition. Well, the organizers sent us another batch of submissions, and the bar has been raised to a height that would trip up Sergey Bubka. Check out the new work above, including some shots by VICE pals Giles Clarke and Nick Childers, then get out there. Nobody uses their cell phones for calling other human beings nowadays, anyway. More info is here.

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