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      Thom deVita - Trailer Thom deVita - Trailer

      Thom deVita - Trailer

      By VICE Staff

      October 30, 2012

      The next Tattoo Age series is about Thom deVita. Thom is an artist on many levels, and tattooing is just one of the ways he expresses himself. He began tattooing in New York City in the late 60s, when the practice was illegal. In this episode, which starts on November 21, we will hear from Don Ed Hardy, Nick Bubash, Scott Harrison, John Wyatt, Angelo Scotto, Bubba Reeves, and Robert Ryan, as we try to tell the epic story of Thom deVita, the artist. 

      For more info about Thom's art work, please visit: http://www.headbandbrothers.com/.

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