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      UFC Ring Announcer Bruce Buffer Talks Octagons and Poker Tables

      By Jimmy Jolliff

      December 21, 2012

      Back in the 1980s Bruce Buffer’s father was watching a boxing match on TV when he recognized the ring announcer as his son. Michael Buffer—then in his early 40s—hadn’t had contact with his birth parents since being sent to foster care at the age of 11 months. But this chance recognition provoked a phone call from his father, and the two were reunited.

      That led to Michael meeting his half siblings for the first time. One of them was Bruce, and the two made an impression on each other; Michael took on Bruce as a manager, and in Bruce’s words, “I gave up everything just to roll the dice, on a dream of making him richer and more famous than he ever dreamed [by] trademarking properly that phrase, those famous, five words.” The five (lucrative) words he means are “Let’s get ready to rumble.” You’ve probably heard them.

      Since then, with help from his famous brother, Bruce has become a ring announcer himself—the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon” they call him—and he’s as much a part of MMA as the chain-link and the sound of a gate locking. Everyone who’s seen a UFC fight since UFC 13 has heard Buffer’s voice (unless the only event you bothered with was last week’s UFC on FX 6 in Australia, which Buffer skipped in order to be at The Ultimate Fighter finale in Las Vegas the next night). And Buffer’s signature call to action, “It’s time!,” has become nearly as synonymous with mixed martial arts as his brother’s famous phrase is with boxing. Which makes sense, as fighting is in the Buffer blood.

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