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      Wendy Sulca Wendy Sulca

      Wendy Sulca

      January 16, 2011

      Wendy Sulca is the biggest YouTube sensation of the Spanish-speaking world. At 12 years old this Peruvian starlet took the internet by storm with her hit single “La Tetita” (“The Tittie”) which exceeded 4 million online hits. Written by her widowed mother Lydia Quispe, the song is an ode to breastfeeding sung in the new Andean Huayno style. At 13, she followed up with a new hit single “Cerveza, Cerveza” (Beer, Beer) and the brutally honest track “Yo Soy Pobre” (“I Am Poor”). But despite being recognizable to all young Latin American internet users, Wendy still lives in the outskirts of Lima, in a shack on the side of a hill without running water. VICE spends a day with this new Huayno music phenomenon.


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