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      Listen to Cold Cave's Haunting Deep Cut 'Nausea, the Earth, and Me'

      April 6, 2015
      From the column 'VICE Premiere'

      It's pretty hard to do anything new these days. The easiest cop-out is to make derivative garage rock or vaporwave and then, if you dress enough like Mac Demarco or Mike tha Ruler, you might end up getting a record deal. That said, some people have a special knack for hat-tipping past styles without being a totally derivative caricature. That's a real feat in 2015. Cold Cave, the electronic music project of Deathwish Inc. hardcore musician Wesley Eisold, is one such diamond in the rough.

      Eisold has spent the greater part of eight years developing his own special blend of 80s-influenced darkwave, tinted with synth-pop and plenty of experimental noise and electronics. So we're proud to remind you of the existence of "Nausea, the Earth, and Me," which will appear on Cold Cave's upcoming vinyl LP, Full Cold Moon, a compilation of Eisold's scantily-released EPs. A few of these EPs had limited CD releases back in 2013, but this is the first time it's getting put on wax. It'll drop on June 16 by Deathwish Inc. So put on your eyeliner and crucifix, say a prayer to your poster of Robert Smith, and listen to some Cold Cave.

      Find more info about Cold Cave's vinyl release of Full Cold Moon visit DeathWishInc.com.

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