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      VICE Premieres: "Right Way" by ROOM8

      By VICE Staff

      September 7, 2012

      Ellen Frances follows our music editor on Twitter, and she sent over this video she directed for ROOM8, which is a band fronted by Ezra Reich and Nic Johns. Here's what she had to say about the making of the video:

      "I initially came up with up the treatment for the video after waiting for a train next to a man in Midtown and then, later that night, I passed him coming out of the drug store downtown. NYC is so congested and everyone is just doing their own thing, but I've often wondered how many people I see regularly and don't even realize it, or how many tourist photos I'm in the background of... that sort of thing—the idea that we are all playing some role in others' lives, even when we don't know it. While waiting at St. Marks Hotel to get a room for the second shoot, we got in the middle of a fight between a crazy Russian hooker in red pleather and the guy behind the bulletproof glass. The guy eventually refused to give out by-the-hour rooms so we relocated to Hotel 17, where Amanda Lepore lives and where Woody Allen shot Manhattan Murder Mystery. It doesn't really have the trashy vibe St. Marks Hotel does, but we made it work."

      Check out the video here, and pay special attention to the sexy slapping parts. 


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