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      VICE Presents The Fashion Issue Launch VICE Presents The Fashion Issue Launch

      VICE Presents The Fashion Issue Launch

      By Hannah Brooks

      February 21, 2013

      A little while ago we pledged to throw a party every month just because it’s the type of altruistic sweeties we are. It made perfect sense to shack up in one of our favourite venues, The Liberty Social, whose spoilt-womb interior provided us with that certain ambience we were after.

      But just to keep you on your pretty little toes we’re moving to the Tote – the fabulously filthy wormhole that is Melbourne’s most beloved live venue, out the front of which 4,000 people protested when some boorish turkey tried to close it down a few years ago.

      Our first time at the Tote, and our first party of the year, is next Thursday the 28th February. To help consummate our union, we’ve asked sweaty heartthrob Jonny Telafone to play his sex jams, including the one about making our pussies cum. Glo-rappers Brothers Hand Mirror (HTML Flowers and Oscar from Oscar + Martin) are coming too. We’re all going to be coming.

      It’s also our Fashion Issue launch. All that means is that you better look good and that there’ll be stacks of magazines with fetching pictures you can spill your drinks on.

      Free entry if you RSVP here and free booze from Corona and Sailor Jerry until you drink it all.

      Thanks for the memories Liberty, hello Tote! Thank fuck we don’t have to walk up those stairs again. 

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