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      Video from the Muslim Brotherhood's "Day of Anger"

      By Wail Gzoly

      August 17, 2013


      On Friday, August 16, 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood called for a “Day of Anger” following the brutal clearing of two pro-Morsi sit-ins by Egyptian security forces that killed over 600 people on Wednesday.

      Thousands of supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi gathered in Cairo’s Ramses Square for noon prayers Friday. Violent clashes between police and protesters followed throughout the day, resulting in dozens of deaths. 

      VICE's Wail Gzoly sent us this video dispatch from the day's events. He captured armed pro-Morsi protesters exchanging fire with police near the Azbakeya police station in Cairo and civilians fighting each other too. Some of the gun-toting Muslim Brotherhood members saw Wail's camera and threatened to kill him if he filmed them. 

      Some of the footage is very graphic and disturbing.

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