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      By VICE Staff

      May 31, 2013

      In 1926, Henry Ford, that most democratic of industrialists, introduced into his factories what we 21st-century citizens consider an inalienable right: the two-day weekend. 

      And as another workweek reaches its terminus and you start assembling whatever sullied and dissolute impulses you have into a “weekend plan,” we hope you’ll remember that with another Friday comes another episode of VICE on HBO. Here’s what you can expect in our weekly ode to the absurdity of the modern condition when you tune in at 11 PM tonight.

      Senegalese Laamb Wrestling

      Our tiniest correspondent, Thomas Morton, heads to the West African country to learn about a sport better suited to men of greater stature: laamb wrestling. It’s a Greco-Roman style of wrestling that combines grapples and throws with elaborate prefight rituals. Thomas makes his debut in the ring under the tutelage of Bombadier, a laamb superstar, in his hometown of Mbao. Laamb’s popularity has grown as Senegal’s economy has hit the skids making it as much a sporting diversion as an embodiment of the nation’s struggles.

      The World Is Sinking

      Climate-change deniers be warned: there is such a thing as fact-based evidence. When VICE co-founder Shane Smith went to Italy and set foot in Venice’s flooded St. Mark’s Square, it was pretty hard to ignore such shoe-drenching affirmation of the scientifically recorded fact that over the past 100 years, sea levels have risen 22cm. From Venice, Shane travels to the Maldives, a nation that’s a chain of islands smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean that will be submerged if worldwide water levels continue to swell unabated. And finally, a return to New York demonstrates that such dangers from the deep blue can (and likely will) hit closer to home.

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