Sebastian Junger Tells Us War Stories Over Beers

By VICE Staff


What’s better than beer and war stories? Not much, and that’s what the Brooklyn Brewery is serving up with their lecture series, War Correspondents, which brings the world’s best journalists and photographers to the beer-makers' sprawling brick complex in Williamsburg for a night of alcohol-fueled storytelling. All proceeds from the event go to RISC, an organization that trains war journalists to treat wounded field correspondents. A few weeks ago, we saw all-around badass and Vanity Fair reporter Sebastian Junger speak about his new film, Which Way Is the Front Line from Here?, which recounts the life (and death) of his pal, British photographer Tim Hetherington, who was killed while on assignment in 2011 in Libya. With a beer in hand, Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery’s founder (and a former AP correspondent in the Middle East), interviewed Junger about Hetherington, as well Junger's work in Bosnia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan.  Watch their discussion above. 

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