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      Watch Japanther's Kaleidoscopic New Video for "Stolen Flowers"

      By Benjamin Shapiro

      Senior Editor

      May 22, 2013

      I've been instructed by VICE's supreme overlords to always adopt a "global" tone in my writing, one that doesn't single out a specific city as any better than, say, Decatur, Illinois. The truth is, me and a lot of my dumb little writing buddies live in New York City, and we're all pretty sure it's at least one of the more tolerable spots on this dying sphere we're currently riding around space on.

      One of the reasons I like New York so much are the sounds that it emits, and one of the reasons I like those sounds so much is that there are bands like Japanther you can see on Friday nights. I used to bike out to the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge at 2 AM to see them perform a few songs before getting shut down by the cops. It helped 20-year-old me realize that life in this city may not be like Seinfeld, but it can be alright if you just go to shows all the time instead of trying to get a real job or develop a dumb hobby or something.

      Japanther just sent us their new video for "Stolen Flowers," a song that sounds a lot like the other scuzzy pop-punk coming out of Brooklyn loft parties right now. (Note: this means that it is inherently good.) The video is directed Mason Orflea, and features the duo performing in front of a kaleidoscopic, stop-motion barrage of flower petals. You can find the song on their amazingly-titled new record, Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart, which came out yesterday on Recess Records. Be sure to pick up your very own copy by clicking right here, and catch the band on tour starting next month.

      Japanther Tour Dates


      6/28: San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
      6/29: Oakland, CA @ Metro Theater
      6/30: Los Angeles, CA @ The American Legion Hall (Growing Up Dumb Festival)
      7/1: Chicago, IL @ Schuba's
      7/2: Bloomington, IN @ Rachel's
      7/3: Detroit, MI @ Old Miami
      7/4: Detroit, MI @ Gratiot Gallery
      7/5: Northport, MI @ 109 E Nagonaba
      7/6: Northport, MI @ 109 E Nagonaba
      7/7: Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
      7/9: Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
      7/10: Philadelphia, PA @ Ortliebs Lounge
      7/11: Brooklyn, NY @ Rare Form
      7/12: Washington, NJ @ Washington Theater
      7/13: Providence, RI @ AS220
      7/14: Cambridge, MA @ Cambridge Elks Lodge


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