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      Watch the First Episode of Our HBO Show

      By VICE Staff

      April 9, 2013

      Some of the YouTube comments under the teaser for our HBO show were like, "HBO? Who am I, a fucking Rockefeller? I can't afford that bullshit. Give it to me for freeeeeee unnnnggh #yolo." Our fans are the best!

      The first episode of VICE premiered last Friday, and it was amazing: there were adorable jihadist kids, dancing Pakistani guards, and a few friendly Filipino gun makers. Hosts Ryan Duffy and Shane Smith were great as always, and goddamnit, everything about it is pretty wonderful. If you missed it, and you want to be entertained, educated, and put in a state of awe for the next 30 minutes, you're in luck. The good people at HBO have made the first episode available online for free. So click the button above that will make the video box go and enjoy premium content that millions of suckers pay, what, like $14 for every month? You're welcome!

      UPDATE: If you're having trouble watching the video, try playing it on HBO's YouTube channel.

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