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      We Saw Hunx and His Punx at 285 Kent

      August 11, 2013

      Hunx and His Punx played at 285 Kent two nights ago. The show felt like an old Looney Tunes cartoon where the camera pans across a night club and shows all the 1930s stars portrayed as cartoons. Ssion was there. Lots of local gay icons were there. Jonathan Toubin was there, and he brought his mom! 

      I was there with my camera snapping shots. Although I stayed close to the stage for Chain and the Gang, I wasn't able to even enter the main part of the room when Hunx and His Punx went on. The place turned into a prison hotbox made to fit about 300 people. It was hard to see all the way to the stage through the cloud of steam that was rising off people's bodies. 

      After the show I gave Hunx an old pair of underwear I bought at one of his shows about six years ago, and he forgave me for an internet misunderstanding. 
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