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      We Saw This: Believer/Law

      August 8, 2012

      Another night came and went and I found myself once again in the basement bar of Home Sweet Home. If you’ve read any of my recaps it’s fairly obvious that Wierd is a favorite of mine, and the only weekly party I attend with any regularity. Getting lost in the smoke and colored lights surrounded by twirling beauties like the ones above is ritual of mine. And now that the Witchhousian interlopers have disbanded, the party is full of the warmest cold-inclined folk you could ever hope to meet. It doesn’t hurt that so many exceptional bands play this little venue that’s not even really a venue. There’s always magic in the mix, but last week was exceptionally exceptional or in Wierd-speak the rarest of the Very Rare.

      Believer/Law is the EBM project of long-time friends and occasional collaborators Michael Berdan and Erik Proft aka two of my favorite people in Brooklyn. I’m not joking, these guys are stellar examples of humankind and you should probably pay attention to them for that reason alone. But unlike some stellar examples of humankind (you know the situation, when a lovely human is in a terrible band, it’s the worst) their creative output matches their greatness as human beings. You’ve probably heard of at least one or two projects Proft and Berdan are involved in, but neither wants Believer/Law to rest on the laurels of past work. Description is moot when you’ve got live footage so I’ll spare you the tiresome description and just say they wear their Skinny Puppy influence proudly on their sleeve.

      Of course like the rarest of the Very Rare, access to Believer/Law is vague at the moment. There are no upcoming shows to mention, they’ve only played a couple of times to begin with. They’ll have a tape coming out some time next month on Robert and Leopold and an LP on Blind Prophet sometime after that. In other words, remain vigilant if you want to see or hear Believer/Law flex their industrial-strength muscles in any capacity, you’ll have your chance soon. 



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