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      We Saw This: Kanye West

      By Kelly McClure


      January 2, 2013

      I'm gonna start this review of Kanye's Sunday show at Revel in Atlantic City with a possibly controversial statement: I can relate to Kanye West in many specific ways. He and I are both from Chicago, both have a sense of humor that very few people can understand or appreciate, both have an above normal appreciation for butts, and neither of us can sell out a show in Atlantic City.

      When it was announced a few weeks ago that tickets were going on sale for Kanye's three day, end of the year run in AC, I made sure to jump on the chance to attend right away, having no doubt in my mind that they would sell out immediately. When the night of the show rolled around, sitting in a smallish sized venue that wasn't even half full, 20 minutes before the show was about to start, I didn't feel bad for Kanye so much as I did for all the assholes who forfeited on spending a little extra cash and travel time on an amazing show, most likely in favor of shlepping around the same block they spent the rest of their shitty year in, doing the same shitty things they'll be doing this year, and for every other year until they die. People have shitty taste and spend their money on shitty things, so don't worry, Kanye. Don't worry, Kim. You're right and they're wrong.

      With no opening act, Kanye began his show in what to me, seated on the toilet due to an ill-timed trip to the potty room, sounded like an explosion of noise similar to a stampede of dinosaurs carrying boom boxes on their backs, or a room stuffed with 100 million confetti canons. I ran out as fast as I could and caught just enough of the first song to get the hint that this would not just be any normal concert show, but a night of pure hits mixed with feelings. So so many feelings.

      Seeing Kanye, alone on a huge, slanted stage, wrapped in screens showing flying birds, angry waves, and drifting snow, it was hard to not feel a bit melancholy about it all. He gets a lot of slack for being a goofy, awkward weirdo, but thank God there are still many of us out there who very much value that sort of thing. A couple songs into the night, when he exited the stage and re-emerged wearing a yeti mask, the love I feel for him in my warmest of heart caves grew all the warmer. And then, as if to say "hey, look at my cool masks. I'm into masks now," he left again and came back wearing a mask decked out with a bunch of crystals.

      I wouldn't so much as say that what I'm about to say was "the highlight" of the evening, but hearing Kanye officially announce that he put his weird baby into  Kim Kardashian was pretty cool. He did it in the weirdest way too. All like "Imma let me finish this show, but first I gotta say, I made a baby."

      All in all, the show felt way too short, which I always take as a sign of success. A little over an hour and a half, no encore, two masks, and one baby = a pre NYE that I'd be happy to do again next year. Sorry you didn't have $100 to be there. Life must be very sad for you.



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