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      Win Win Is On Vice Records

      November 24, 2010

      It's true, WIN WIN is officially the newest trio of tune-makers on Vice Records. If you haven't already heard about them, grab a seat and we'll fill you in.

      Alex "XXXchange" Epton, the scarily in-demand remix guy, has gotten together with his lifelong pal Chris Devlin of Devlin & Darko and the video collage artist/producer, Ghostdad to form the amazing and optimistically titled WIN WIN.

      The guys will be releasing a single January 11th, but their new album isn't out until February 15th, which is, like, forever away in terms of waiting for good music. So to tide you over, we've thrown "RELEASERPM" below. It's a peppy little number featuring Lizzie Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance on vocals. Feel free to download and play it on your music listening machine on repeat until mid-February.


      For more stuff about WIN WIN have a look-see at this blog or their Myspace.


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