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      Would You Sleep with Your Drug Dealer?

      By VICE Staff

      February 5, 2013
      From the column 'Question of the Day'

      Sleeping with your drug dealer seems like a good idea at first. He's got a job where he makes a ton of money and he's a hit at parties and social gatherings. The down side is that he never answers the phone when you call. He's never on time. And he doesn't know how to put a barrier between his home life and his work life. The sex may be great, but what if he asks you to hold something for him? In that case, you might be looking at five to ten or, if you are lucky, find yourself falling into the plot of one of those hood-lit novels. Our advice is to take the drugs and sex and run. No strings attached. New Yorkers, what do you think about sexing the dopeman on the reg?

      Brian, courier: It depends on what kind of drug, because anyone could be a pot dealer. The most punk pussy person could sell pot.

      What if it was H?
      I would suggest not sleeping with her. I’m straight—I don’t know how it works for the LGBT community, of course. I would definitely not sleep with my dealer if she was selling me crack cocaine.

      But if she was selling you crack cocaine, wouldn’t that mean you were cool with that drug?
      If I was buying crack from her? People who sell crack cocaine come off a little too thug for my liking. I probably wouldn’t be attracted to her.

      But what if you found out she believed in the healing power of crystals and astrology?
      I’m a very metaphysical person. I know the secret of how to make a girl fall in love. It’s the most horrible thing about me.

      Tell us.
      You have to fall in love yourself. 

      Lay off those drugs, pal.

      Stephanie and Alex, students

      Stephanie: That’s funny, because we’re smoking weed right now. It could be good or it could be bad. It all depends. 

      Alex: I think it’s a good idea.

      Stephanie: Because you can get free weed, or at least a discount.

      Alex: It's OK as long as there’s an understanding that it’s just business.

      Stephanie: If you sleep with your drug dealer, then you get free drugs and you guys can have a great time. And you can help him get business. Now you're both benefitting from your relationship.

      Tanya, hair stylist: Is he hot?

      I would do it for the love of sex, not for the love of drugs.

      Isn’t it a bad idea?
      It’s good, because it can result in free drugs, and they are not involved enough in your life to know who else you’re sleeping with.

      Russell, long-distance truck driver: I did it, and I’m going to explain to you how I did it. I met this lesbian, and her name was Fruit Loop. She was a drug dealer, she had mad money, and she had badass girlfriends. Straight girls. She had gay girls and she had straight girls. She ran prostitution and she ran drugs. And guess what I was to Fruit Loop?

      The guy driving her from point A to point B in her car, under her insurance. I’m drove her everywhere she wanted to go.

      So when did you guys have sex?
      I didn’t sleep with her—she’s a lesbian.

      But you would have?

      Right on.

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