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      Bucharest Is a Paradise

      March 1, 2013

      According to legend, the capital of Romania takes its name from some guy called Bucur who was either a prince, an outlaw, a fisherman, a shepherd, or a hunter. It's difficult to understand how the truth could have dissipated so much over the centuries, but I guess that's just what happens when your country is filled with witches casting spells all over the place. The historians are bound to get hit with with an amnesia curse at some point.

      Lucian Varvaroi's photos describe a city that is just as multifaceted as Bucur's CV: "Bucharest can be dull, uncivilized, and full of assholes, or it can be ALMOST awesome," he says. "It really depends on where you go and who you hang out with. So, if you happen to come around, call me!"

      Give him a shout, it seems like he usually manages to find the party.

      Alternatively, you can follow Lucian on Instagram and flickr.

      Does your town or city qualify for paradise status? Feel free to send us your pitches. We won't bite.

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