Emisiuni Noisey

Noisey Jamaica II: episodul 1

Un instantaneu al scenei muzicale globale.

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  • Noisey Jamaica II: episodul 1

    Prezentată de Walshy Fire de la Major Lazer, emisiunea Noisey Jamaica descrie captivanta istorie muzicală a Jamaicăi.

  • Chiraq

    În prima parte ne îndreptăm spre Englewood, unul dintre cele mai periculoase cartiere din Chicago și ne întâlnim cu Chief Keef, fără îndoială cel mai mare rapper din scena drill (un subgen al hip-hop-ului).

  • Copiilor le place Radiohead?

    Tu ce crezi?

  • Turbonegro - Premiera videoclipului „I Got a Knife"

    VICE și-a rupt capul cu psihopații deathpunk din Norvegia.

  • Noul videoclip Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom

    O aventură africană luminoasă și plină de culoare.

  • One Man Metal

    Un documentar despre laturile neexploatate ale black metal-ului.

  • Pisicilor le place Gangnam Style?

    Mulțumim Olive, Mittens, Puffy, Niko și General Bonkers pentru răbdarea voastră.

  • Ne-am prăjit cu Snoop Lion

    Snoop Dogg îşi zice Snoop Lion şi este un artist reggae.

  • Dillon

    Dominique Dillon de Byington is the German songstress known as Dillon. Blending together a subdued palette of electronica, baroque chamber-pop, and limited orchestration, the 23 year-old has crafted a batch of songs that are perfect for being sad in the winter time. With a voice


    You can't take FIDLAR at their word. Like Nathan Williams from Wavves, this LA quartet champions a slacker lifestyle with the fervor of religious zealots; "Wake! Bake! Skate!" howls frontman Zac Carper on the 99-second opening track from their 2011 EP 'DIYDUI,' before proclaiming…

  • Kill For Total Peace

    Bands get labeled "psychedelic" for a bunch of different reasons. Sometimes it's because they wear bandanas. Sometimes it's because they smoke weed. For Parisian quintet Kill For Total Peace, it's probably got something to do with their label, Pan European Recording. Check out a

  • Tom Vek

    Tom Vek is back. After a six-year sabbatical from the limelight, the London-based "beat rock" specialist has reemerged with a new album and a new lease on life. Properly tweaked for the 21st century, his propulsive, chopped up New Wave electronica is laid over sexed up live drums…


    YACHT is Jona Bechtold and Claire L. Evans, a power duo that traffics in breathless, upbeat electro-pop. Onstage they channel the vibrant, earnest joy of Stop Making Sense-era Talking Heads, with an all star band that includes bassist Bobby Birdman. We travelled with the band to

  • Turbowolf

    This British four-piece has blown the cobwebs off the UK rock scene with high-octane shows that trade in crunchy, dinosaur-shaped riffs, the death-or-glory spirit of DFA1979, and the pantomime stage antics of 80s metal. They're suburban, angry, and loud, with a work ethic akin to…

  • Meet Lady Chann

    Lady Chann, formerly known as Chanelle Williams, got her start in the Suncycle Crew, a North London squad of the best talent around. They built up a serious rep, using dancehall as a reference point instead of a rulebook. Now she's the latest queen of UK dancehall, riding a wave

  • Spoon

    No one's gonna mistake Spoon for the Stones, but it's worth remembering that they've been around a while: Telephono, the Austin guitar-pop outfit's first LP, came out in April of 1996, a few months before Tupac's tragic shooting and, yes, the wildfire debut of the Spice Girls. In…

  • Soviet Pop

    Calling themselves a "sound-based oscillator duo," the members of Soviet Pop shape electrical currents into pulsating anti-hits. Androgynous soulmates Li Qing and Li Weisi formed the band in Beijing in 2009 and began to gradually amass their own collection of vintage analog equip…

  • Uncapped - The Rassle

    The Rassle show us around their adopted hometown of Brooklyn and tell us what it's like being a band in New York. Then we head to the bar Union Pool where they fire up the audience with their triumphant indie-pop anthems.

  • TV Buddhas

    A few years back, Juval and his girlfriend Mickey were living together in Tel Aviv, spending most of their days on the couch, watching TV, gradually lapsing into slack-jawed alienation--the sort of routine that feels great for a day or two but suicidal after a few months. They fo…

  • Uncapped - Reading Rainbow

    The D.I.Y. rockers in Philadelphia's Reading Rainbow took us around their neighborhood of Fishtown to check out The Little Bar, their appropriately named home away from home. After that we headed to Johnny Brenda's tavern where the trio blasted out a set of lo-fi dream pop that l…

  • Veronica Falls

    Few bands have run with the classic sound of mid-80s British lo-fi indie-pop quite like Veronica Falls. Their doom-laden musical vision meshes romance, tragedy, and energy to C86-era audio stylings. The London-based four-piece formed two years back. Drummer Patrick and guitarist/…

  • Male Bonding

    Like the best modern rock 'n' roll myths, British punk-pop trio Male Bonding met during a stint working in a record shop. "It was Reckless Records in London," explains guitarist and singer John, "and a real coming of age for me. One minute we'd be listening to The Misfits and the…

  • Za!

    We know a lot of opinionated people, but we don't know anybody who doesn't like Za! Over the past four years, Papa du Pau and Spazzfrica Ed (best pseudonyms you've ever heard, right?) have been schlepping around Europe playing to every kind of audience imaginable.

  • Two Gallants

    The title characters in James Joyce's short story "Two Gallants" are a couple of jerks, scam artists cheating an unsuspecting woman out of some change. It's tough to square this portrait with Two Gallants, the band; there's no funny stuff going on in Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel…

  • Gross Magic

    Sam McGarrigle mines the same eccentric territory as Ariel Pink, but with more humor and a lot less baggage.

  • Bass Drum of Death

    Mississippi's Bass Drum Of Death got the lo-fi treatment at first, but when you listen to their layered recordings you'll hear influences from punk, garage, and rock 'n' roll, combined in a sonic Long Island Iced Tea.

  • Shapes Have Fangs

    Live at the Mohawk, Shapes Have Fangs deftly continued that Austin psych tradition.

  • Sundress

    Sundress transmutes the rain-soaked realities of their canonized shoegaze godfathers into a sound that reflects the Lone Star State.

  • Meet Nisennenmondai

    Nisennenmondai is to rock music what the 'Y2K' bug was to technological Armageddon.

  • The Harlequins

    This week Cincinnati's retro garage rockers The Harlequins took us around town to visit their favorite hot spots.