Emisiuni Era tatuajelor

Legendarul tatuator Thom deVita #4 - Partea 4

Un show despre meseria de tatuator.

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  • Legendarul tatuator Thom deVita #1

    Omul ăsta a început să tatueze pe la mijlocul anilor 60, în New York, pe vremea când meseria asta era ilegală aici.

  • Legendarul tatuator britanic Lal Hardy

    Lal tatuează din 1975 și este unul dintre cei care au elevat tatuajele în Marea Britanie în anii 80.

  • Mike Rubendall

    Omul ăsta este diferit față de toți ceilalți artiști tatuatori pe care i-am avut până acum.

  • Freddy Corbin

    In the first installment of the Freddy Corbin series, we get familiar with Freddy's tattoos and see his two Oakland tattoo parlors, Temple and Tattoo 13. Freddy's style is explained by his right hand man and fellow tattooer, Jason Mcafee. We also get a chance to speak with anoth…

  • Trailer: Freddy Corbin

    The subject of the Tattoo Age season finale is none other than Freddy Corbin. Freddy has been tattooing for over 27 years and was at the vanguard of modern tattooing. He's known throughout the tattoo world as a spiritual person, and his spirituality is sometimes reflected in the

  • Trailer: Mike Rubendall

    In this teaser we hear from Frank Romano, Mike's tattoo mentor, about how Mike has achieved his success. Part 1 airs on Wednesday, October 5th.

  • Series Trailer

    Tattoo Age is the new series that takes an inside look at the craft of tattooing.

  • Grime

    In the first installment of Grime's series we hear from tattoo luminaries, Civ and Chris O'Donnell, as they put in perspective how revered and unique Grime's style is.

  • Dan Santoro

    Part One of Tattoo Age finds us at Smith Street Tattoo Parlor getting to know Dan Santoro.