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Mike Watt

On Soft Focus, Ian Svenonius tenderly interrogates musicians whom we revere and admire. Shot on location in the venerable Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

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  • Mike Watt

    Mike Watt's contributions to the much underappreciated world of the bass are staggering. If you've spent any amount of time around the instrument or someone who's played it, you're probably familiar with him.

  • At ATP UK - Pete Kember

    On this third episode of Soft Focus at ATP UK, Ian Svenonius sits down with one of the world’s greatest rock and roll experimentalists, Pete Kember.

  • At ATP UK - Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore

    Sitting down with two perennially fine composers, writers, and artists—and one-half of Sonic Youth.

  • At ATP UK - J Mascis

    J opens up about the secrets of songwriting, an east-coast punk upbringing, and his near total disregard for bass.

  • Dead Moon

    Fred and Toody Cole are part of the Greatest Generation of Rockers.

  • At ATP - Buzz Osborne

    Buzz Osborne is still in our books as the all-time king of heavy stoner shit.The day he graduated high school he turned to three of his friends and said “Hey, let’s form that band the Melvins.”

  • At ATP - Suicide

    Suicide are best known as the old New York punk band that most of the other old New York punk bands hated. Now everyone loves them.

  • At ATP - Jon Spencer

    Jon Spencer was and is one of the greatest musical guys of our time, and if you weren’t into Pussy Galore or Boss Hog or Blues Explosion at some point, you are not a badass. Sorry.

  • Graham Coxon

    Former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon on why Brits write off American bands as lazy. In this edition of Soft Focus, Ian speaks with former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. Graham discusses his mixed feelings about being dragged through the whole Blur vs. Oasis media circus and Ian ma

  • Alan and Richard Bishop

    The Sun CIty Girls show us how to kill the entire government.

  • Mick Collins

    Mick does the rhythm of a car plant to explain the Detroit sound

  • Steve Albini

    This week Ian heads to Chicago to talk with the city’s most famous analog recording engineer about pretension, Pop Tarts, and the persistent decline of American taste.

  • Jello Biafra

    The Fred Schneider of punk takes issue with our advertisers.*

  • Adam Horovitz

    Ad-Rock has mixed feelings about calling the Beastie Boys the Beatles of Rap.

  • Jennifer Herrema

    Ian talks sports with the Royal Trux’s better half and raining queen of 90s trash rock.

  • Ted Leo

    New York’s favorite punk turned pop-star turned talk radio fixture is hiding out from America.

  • Stephen Malkmus

    Ian asks Stephen Malkmus the eternal question: Did Pavement shred? Or did they rock? Stephen Malkmus submits to Ian’s tender interrogation in this edition of Soft Focus. Getting started, Ian asks what it’s like to be raised on the faux-Mississippi Delta. After S…

  • Calvin Johnson

    Ian talks with Calvin Johnson about E.F.Schumacher, Charlie Brown, and where he got all those sweaters.

  • Bobby Gillespie

    Ian chats with Bobby Gillespie about psychic dessication and stuff. In this edition of Soft Focus, Ian talks to Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream . Bobby details his musical pedigree, from Altered Images hanger-on, to replacement-bassist for the Wake, to standing …

  • Terry Hall

    Terry Hall shares what it’s like to be better than Bono.

  • Penny Rimbaud

    Ian’s chat with Crass’s founding drummer and writer gets off to a rousing start with Penny declareing his slight preferences for the Beatles over the Stones, for at least “not shitting all over Chuck Berry’s shoulder.” Moving on the two muse on…

  • Shaun Ryder

    Shaun Ryder investigates the mystery of American sobriety. In this edition of Soft Focus UK, Ian heads back to Manchester to talk with Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays and Black Grape. The two get an early start on addressing the big issues, like the difference between Amer…

  • Billy Childish

    Billy Childish on Nazis and the death of professionalism. In this edition of Soft Focus UK, Ian sits down with Billy Childish, easily the most prolific Western artist of the past century. He’s been in some ten or so bands, founded a school of poetry, founded a school

  • Kevin Shields

    Kevin takes us through the technical minutia behind MBV’s crazy bendy dream-sound. In this edition of Soft Focus Ian sits down with the man behind My Bloody Valentine’s deafening and dreamy reimagining of guitar music who talks to us ab…

  • Mark E. Smith

    Mark E. Smith apologizes for English TV. In this special Mancunian edition of Soft Focus Ian sits down with Mark E. Smith, singer and only continuous member of the Fall, to talk about his role in foreseeing Manchester’s biggest brush with terrorism to date and his wan…

  • Andrew W.K.

    Andrew W.K. on composing his unique brand of non-judgmental music. In this edition of Soft Focus Ian sits down with Andrew WK and they discuss AWK’s transition from twiddling knobs in obscurity to producing the most accessible music ever know…

  • Chan Marshall

    Cat Power’s Chan Marshall gets loose with Ian.

  • Genesis P. Orridge

    Genesis P. Orridge, the creator of the very idea of industrial music and leader of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and COUM Transmissions sits down to talk about consciousness shifts and shopping.

  • Henry Rollins

    Henry Rollins and Ian Svenonius begin a week’s worth of witty repartee, touching at first on government surveillance and Henry’s appearance on Australia’s terrorism watch list. Henry tells us about his work for the USO and recount…

  • Ian Mackaye

    Mythic DC punk rock figures Ian Mackaye and Ian Svenonius in a friendly, funny, compelling debate.