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An Interview with Harmony - Part 2

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  • An Interview with Harmony - Part 1

    Director Harmony Korine describes how he made 'Spring Breakers' and turned four college girls' quest to extend spring break forever (bitches!) into a hypercolored ecstasy trip through the teenage psyche.

  • Dirtona Beach, Florida

    We went down to beautifully trashy Daytona Beach, Florida, where a stripper, a drug dealer, and a bar owner explain how spring break has changed over the years.

  • Partying in Panama City Beach

    An overview of the eight-week period of spring break in Panama City Beach, Florida, when hundreds of thousands of students take over the usually sleepy beach town. We talk to the mayor, the chief of police, the owner of the largest club in the United States, and an evangelical st…

  • Harmony Korine on James Franco and Gucci Mane

    A few more stories about what it was like to make 'Spring Breakers' from director Harmony Korine.

  • Meet the ATL Twins

    Our resident porn reviewer, Chris Nieratko, travels to Atlanta to meet the one-of-a-kind ATL Twins, who share the same bed, wear matching outfits, and sleep with the same girls.

  • Harmony Korine on Selena Gomez and the Girls

    Harmony tells us some stories from behind the scenes of 'Spring Breakers' with personal production photographs by Annabel Mehran and never-before-seen footage from the set by producers Chris and Roberta Hanley.