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  • Visualizing the Hidden Cosmos

    The team behind Hayden Planetarium's latest space show, Dark Universe, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, detail the developments in research and technology that have enabled the show's unprecedented views of our galaxy.

  • Jim Campbell's Sculptural LED Light Installations

    Artist Jim Campbell details the inspiration and custom electronics behind his new series of light installations. The exhibition ranges from LED panels that project ultra-low-resolution Kodachrome home movies to topographic LED sculptures created from molded transparent resin.

  • Olafur Eliasson Made a Sun You Can Fit in Your Pocket

    Artist Olafur Eliasson would like to give everyone a little piece of the sun. The Creators Project talked to Olafur to learn more about his ambitious plan to bring clean, efficient light to thousands of people currently living without it.

  • Artists We Love React to Spike Jonze's 'Her'

    Inspired by Her's themes of connection and meaningful communication in the internet age, we asked filmmaker Lance Bangs to interview a range of creative folks about how technology has shaped their love lives.

  • Watch Michel Gondry Explore Noam Chomsky's Mind

    The Creators Project visits Michel Gondry in his Brooklyn home to learn how the artist transformed Noam Chomsky's theories and observations into a vibrant, illustrated sequence.

  • Trevor Paglen Documents Government Secrecy Through Photography

    Counter-surveillance researcher Trevor Paglen takes non-subjects like hidden objects, secret ideas, ghostly organizations, and simultaneously dissects and spotlights them with his camera.

  • Broken Bells' Mysterious Short Film, "After the Disco"

    To celebrate the forthcoming release of their second full-length record, Broken Bells made a dreamy short film, casting Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara to play star-crossed lovers in an otherworldly landscape.

  • Pelle Cass's Single Frame Time-Lapse Photography

    Time-lapse videos are addictive because they function like magic, allowing us to view change and evolution at a rapid speed, regardless of Grandfather Time's rules.

  • Behind the Scenes of the Short Film 'Box' by Bot & Dolly

    Last week design and engineering studio Bot & Dolly revealed 'Box,' an awe-inspiring short film presenting never-before-seen robot-powered projection mapping on moving objects.

  • Four Tet Discusses Making Music and His Inspirations in a New Documentary

    In an exclusive documentary, produced by The Creators Project, Dan Wilde shows us how Kieran Hebden's personal life—his wife, his sister—impacts on his records and also his all-encompassing approach to creativity: which is essentially "music as life"—the two, for him, are one and…

  • Watch Sleigh Bells' New Video for "Bitter Rivals"

    Noise-makers Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller are back. Sleigh Bells, in conjunction with The Creator's Project, produced a video for "Bitter Rivals," the first single off their forthcoming record of the same name.

  • 'This Must Be the Only Fantasy' by Rodarte and Todd Cole

    Magical realism, 1980s video games, and haute couture come together in a new film collaboration between fashion house Rodarte and filmmaker Todd Cole, produced by The Creators Project. This Must Be the Only Fantasy stars Elijah Wood and is a VFX-driven ode to fantasy role-…

  • Exploring the Varied and Vintage Sounds of Washed Out's 'Paracosm'

    For his new album, 'Paracosm,' due out August 13, electronic artist Washed Out (a.k.a. Ernest Greene) took an entirely new direction from the purely sample-based work he'd previously made. 'Paracosm' was crafted using over 50 different instruments—and it's not just the amount tha…

  • The Collective Mood of China Expressed as Monumental Light Display

    Nature and Man in Rhapsody of Light at the Water Cube was unveiled last month at the Beijing National Aquatics Center (known as the Water Cube). The installation uses a computer program to translate the I Ching and the collective mood of the Chinese people, through

  • Phoenix Released a New Music Video with The Creators Project

    The video features two film crews tackling the impressive task of continuously swapping shots every 25 seconds. It becomes a kind of cinematic relay race as filming passes back and forth between the two crews. While one camera shoots, the other preps the next scene. When the time…

  • Harvey Moon's Drawing Machines

    How does a cricket become an artist? Try placing it in one of Harvey Moon's drawing machines where its movements will be tracked by a camera and turned into original works of art. He makes these "happy collaborations" in his Chicago studio where he creates the system, a set of ru…

  • Start Your Wet, Hot Summer at MoMA's Rain Room

    Initially installed at the Barbican in London, Rain Room became the most successful piece in the museum's history, offering visitors the chance to stand in the middle of a rainstorm without getting wet. The crowd-pleasing exhibition is now on view in New York at MoMA as pa…

  • Takashi Murakami on Nuclear Monsters and Buddhist Damnation

    Takashi Murakami's art has always sat at the crossroads of Japanese tradition and contemporary culture. Often working in sculpture and painting, he recently ventured into the world of cinema with 'Jellyfish Eyes,' a monster movie set in a post-Fukushima world.

  • Turning CCTV Footage into Art

    We're constantly being spied on by closed-circuit television cameras, those electronic eyes peering down at us and monitoring everything we do. But as Orwellian as it all seems, this invasion of privacy and erosion of our civil liberties can serve as a source for art. Art like Ti…

  • Jon Hopkins's 'Immunity' Soundtracks a Series of Stunning Microscopic Images

    Small is beautiful. And nowhere is that phrase more relevant than in the work of artist Linden Gledhill. Trained as a biochemist, Gledhill is now a photographer who likes to take photos of the world in close-up. Like, real close-up. In a collaboration with art director Craig Ward…

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Paul Williams

    We've been taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. In episode eight we speak with Oscar-winning composer Paul Williams. As well as winning an Academy Award he was also nominated a number of times, most notably for his song…

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: DJ Falcon

    We've been taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. DJ Falcon (a.k.a. Stéphane Quême, or Bob, as he's known to Daft Punk) is an old friend of theirs who formed a band with Thomas Bangalter called Together, releasing the son…

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Chilly Gonzales

    For the past few weeks we've been taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new Daft Punk album. For episode six, we spoke with piano man extraordinaire Chilly Gonzales.

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Panda Bear

    We're taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. In episode five we speak with Noah Lennox, a.k.a. Panda Bear from Animal Collective. He recalls the first time he heard Daft Punk's music late one night on MTV when he caught t…

  • Creating the Post-Apocalyptic Sky World of 'Oblivion'

    While CGI undeniably allows for scenes which might be impossible to film, there's another way of doing FX. And that's using in-camera special effects, which are essentially created in front of the camera rather than added in post. A recent example of this is the effects created f…

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Pharrell Williams

    In a new series, with direction from Ed Lachman, we're taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. For episode three we spoke with Pharrell Williams.

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Nile Rodgers

    We've been taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. In episode three we speak with guitarist, virtuoso producer, and frontman of disco-funk band Chic, Nile Rodgers.

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Todd Edwards

    In a new series, with direction from Ed Lachman, we take a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. In episode two we speak with innovative American producer and godfather of UK garage, Todd Edwards.

  • Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' Collaborators: Giorgio Moroder

    In this new series, The Creators Project is taking a look at the collaborators behind 'Random Access Memories,' the new album from Daft Punk. In episode one we speak with legendary Italian producer Giorgio Moroder.

  • Behind the Scenes of Leo Villareal's Monumental Light Sculpture 'The Bay Lights'

    On March 5, San Francisco’s Bay Bridge lit up with 25,000 LED lights courtesy of Leo Villareal’s installation 'The Bay Lights.' The huge light sculpture will be illuminating the bridge for the next two years and locals will get to see a magnificent display every night.