The Creators Project

Animal Collective's 'Applesauce' (Live from Terminal 5)

Although radio doesn’t carry with it the same sense of collective listening it once did, everyone who was around to listen to it before the internet stole our hearts and minds and, lolz, will have some fond memories of what it can do. Namely, enlightening your ears and mind to sounds you may not have encountered before.

This sense of unexpected discovery and exploration was the idea behind the Animal Collective Radio station that was launched by the band, in collaboration with The Creators Project last year, to count down the release of their album Centipede Hz. The weekly show featured different band members and guests playing mixes, while exploring the creative influences on Centipede Hz, and also invited listeners to participate by creating their own mixes of the show.

The final instalment streamed the album along with custom visuals for each track by artist Abby Portner. Portner, who dubs herself the “visual person” for Animal Collective, has been creating images to go with their sounds since they started their sonic experiments back in 2000. For the new album cover and tour poster she thought up the concept of an alien radio transmission—this resulted in the motif of a mouth speaking from another world which became the unifying image throughout the artwork.

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