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Elephant Land!

For each episode of The Cute Show we pick one cute thing and squeeze the stuffing out of it. And that’s about it. Cute ain’t complicated. This one’s for the girls and the big softies. Yay!!

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  • Elephant Land!

    The latest video from VICE Japan is about a wacky Busch Gardens-style amusement park in Chiba Prefecture. It's owned by a happy rich lady who swings from her elephants' trunks all day and smiles a lot.

  • Capybara Bathhouse!

    The capybara at Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan love to take dips in the park's hot springs. The park allows visitors to get up close with the animals, so we tried our best to make friends with these shy little beasts.

  • Wiener Dog Races!

    With their tiny legs, you'd think wiener dogs (or dachshunds, if you're a fancy lad) would be slow. NOT TRUE. These little ankle-nibblers can probably run faster than you and your lazy dog put together.

  • Surfing Dogs!

    We all love dogs. But here at 'The Cute Show,' we REALLY love dogs. When you add in the fact that these dogs can surf... well, our cold little VICE hearts just about broke during this shoot. So please enjoy one of the most talent-filled episodes of the 'Really-Fucking-Cute Show,'…

  • Nigerian Pygmy Goats!

    When we heard that our pal's family farm had just acquired three baby pygmy goats (easily one of the top ten cutest animals of all time), we set out to meet them ASAP. We contemplated stealing one, but that would be wrong, so we filmed our experience instead. Enjoy!

  • Sugar Gliders!

    This might be the cutest Cute Show yet. We would literally punt a baby out the window if it was standing between us and these cuddly little guys.

  • Burrolandia!

    A haven for cute and cuddly donkeys.

  • Dog Circus!

    Can your pup jump rope? If not, don't feel bad. These are are special dogs who playfully show off their tricks at a Japanese dog circus.

  • Prague Ratters!

    These tiny pups were once used to catch rats, but these days they're too busy being adorable to worry about that.

  • Neapolitan Mastiffs!

    Neapolitan Mastiffs are a rare purebred that originated near Naples and descend directly from the Tibetan Mastiff, the king of all the mastiff dogs.

  • Lovely Owls!

    Meet Molla. She is an Internet star and her name means 'spring' in Italian. She got it because she likes to jump up and down a lot.

  • Puggles!

    Who knew that baby platypuses would be so cute?

  • Pet Kingdom!

    Welcome to the Pet Kingdom! Just watch out for a capuchin monkey named Ella; she likes to check folks' pockets for goodies.

  • Boar Piglets!

    When VICE Germany sent us some footage of the Lehnitz animal asylum, we weren't sure how cute it was going to be. Little did we know, boar piglets live there!

  • Jumping Bunnies!

    Bunny rabbits are adorable enough when they’re just sitting there twitching their pink noses or lapping water up from their little bottles, but when they’re hopping over brightly colored fences like tiny, long-eared horses while their super-enthusiastic trainers cheer from the si…

  • Baby Camels!

    We admit, we’re not huge fans of camels. At first glance, they look like disabled, lumpy horses (and horses are quite frightening to begin with, unless they’re miniature).

  • Guinea Pig Village!

    Guinea pigs are chubby-faced mega-hamsters that squeak when you squeeze them. Curiously, the animals do not originate from any country with "Guinea" in its name, nor are they a member of the pig family. They were domesticated when 16th-century explorers brought them from the Amer…

  • Baby Wombat Orphans!

    We asked our associate editor Harry what he thought about wombats, and he said, "An ugly animal--like a bat but dumber." Then we showed him this video and he was paralyzed in an alternating laugh/awwww/laugh/awwww stupor for three whole minutes.

  • Dog Grooming Expo!

    A bunch of dog lovers recently congregated at a convention center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and groomed their pets to resemble everything except canines. We saw a dinosaur, that orange falcon thing from Harry Potter, Rainbow Brite, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, and even a hippie.

  • Red Squirrel Orphans!

    Hurricane Katrina knocked over the wee home of some precious baby red squirrels. Luckily, the orphans were quickly relocated and now live with their foster mother, Eileen Welsh, in Morpeth, England. We stopped by Eileen's house at feeding time to make some furry new friends.

  • Snow Leopard Cubs!

    There's nothing better than watching newborn animals curiously explore the world around them. How can your eyes not be glued to all the digging, pouncing, sniffing, falling, and those wide eyes that are too big for their heads. So you can only imagine what it was like when we mad…

  • Baby Badgers!

    Meet a couple of sweet and mischievous baby badgers at the Secret World Rehabilitation Wildlife Centre in the English countryside for jam sandwiches and bottled milk.

  • Peruvian Hairless Dogs!

    Just like other breeds, hairless puppies look 100 percent adorable when they do anything.

  • Pygmy Shetland Ponies!

    In this pint size version of the Cute Show, we traveled to Misty Meadow Farm to play with cutest and tiniest ponies around!

  • Red Pandas!

    For this very furry episode of The Cute Show, we travelled all the way to China to fawn over one of the top ten cutest (and laziest) creatures on the planet: red pandas!

  • Potbellied Pigs!

    For this episode, we hightailed it over to Ross Mill Farm and Piggy Camp, home of the pot potbellied pig.

  • Sloths!

    Let’s meet Costa Rica’s cutest sloth babies!

  • Homespun Merry-Go-Round!

    Come ride on a merry-go-round with soul (and animatronic monkeys)!

  • Alpacas!

    The Cute Show befriends a herd of peace-loving alpacas.

  • Lion Cubs!

    The South Korean Home for Baby Animals has got themselves a set of lion cubs that are about as ad-orable as they come. At least for the next four or five months.