The Cute Show

Dog Grooming Expo!

A bunch of dog lovers recently congregated at a convention center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and groomed their pets to resemble everything except canines. We saw a dinosaur, that orange falcon thing from Harry Potter, Rainbow Brite, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, and even a hippie. Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous, and participation in an event like this is a pit stop on the road to Loserville. But c’mon—it’s pretty adorable. Our favorite was the dinosaur (aka poodle) named Koby. His owner told us how great the breed’s hair is for this sort of competition because it sticks straight out, making it easy to sculpt. Turns out they were right! Koby was crowned the winner and went home with a cash prize, an enormous trophy, and eternal glory.