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The VICE Guide to the Balkans - Part 2

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Turbofolk is tacky, high-octane techno with melodies based loosely on traditional Balkan folk music. Which would make it the same as popular music in pretty much any country in Europe if it wasn't also paid for by the Serbian and Croatian mafias (sometimes the Montenegrin) and served as the soundtrack to some of the most heinous war crimes since the Holocaust. It's a bit of a trippy scene. The Madonna of Turbofolk, Ceca Ražnatović, is currently under house arrest for embezzlement and hiding a cache of assault rifles in her basement. So we caught up with her protege, Goga Sekulic, a heavily-bronzed tower of woman best known for her hits "Gaćice [Panties]" and "Seksi Businessman [Sexy Businessman]" and went out for some Tuesday-night turboclubbing in Belgrade.

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