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Undercity: Las Vegas

Urban exploration around the globe.

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  • Undercity: Las Vegas

    Undercity is a team comprised of two guys who enjoy crawling through cities' sewers and assorted shit-covered subterranean locales. We teamed up with director Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan to create this film about Las Vegas' tunnel system.

  • Tokyo Rising

    Excited to be back in Tokyo, Pharrell heads to Ambush Design where he reconnects with Verbal and Yoon as they recount their own experiences on 3/11.

  • Trailer: Tokyo Rising

    While Japan reels from radiation scares and the reality of its continuing recovery, we travelled with Pharrell Williams to Tokyo, to check out how the artists and activists that drive the culture are dealing with their new reality.

  • Pirate Radio

    Exploring London's original and current illegal underground radio scenes.

  • Detroit Lives

    Johnny Knoxville and VBS spend time with the creative badasses quietly rebuilding Detroit.

  • Listen In: Berlin

    Under the mythical bunkers of Berlin, we check to see the remnants left behind.

  • Listen In: Berlin - Trailer

    We’re putting our boots on and climbing through this city’s spy labyrinths and into the buildings that housed the hidden world of military espionage.

  • Missle Silo Homes

    In the 1960s, the US government built missile silos across the country to protect citizens against nuclear attack. Decommissioned years later, they now serve as shelters to the reclusive and gathering places to the adventurous. We went exploring.

  • The Ruins of New York

    New York City is brimming with abandoned, hidden and forgotten spaces. Besides a select group of men who make their hidden living discovering their hidden value, few people are aware these places exist. We went exploring.