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Solar Plane

Higher tech for humankind.

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  • Solar Plane

    If we trust Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse, soon we'll be flying around the world in airplanes powered by the Sun.

  • Robo Fish

    How can we monitor the world's oceans effectively and cheaply? With robotic fish.

  • Mushroom Plastics

    Edan Bayer takes us on a trip through his mushroom factory.

  • The Living House

    Imagine a future where the cities we live in are built in accordance with nature, where buildings are designed to incorporate features from ecological systems without compromising technological innovation or the quality of the environment. If it sounds like wishful thinking - or

  • Weather Lasers

    World water use is rising faster than our world population. The tiny island nation of Tuvalu has been crippled by drought and may be just the first island nation to run dry. Texas has been hit by massive dust storms thanks to that state's record drought. That's just a drop in the…

  • Sailing Drone

    After visiting the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in June of 2010, a young engineer decided to develop an open source oil spill cleaning robot, Protei.

  • Upgrade Series Trailer

    Higher tech for humankind.