British Nationals Fight with al Qaeda in Syria

Yesterday, Andrew Parker, the Director-General of the UK’s intelligence service MI5, announced that hundreds of British Muslims have traveled to Syria to take part in "terrorist tourism." Today, we present exclusive video footage and interviews with British nationals fighting with al Qaeda in Syria. In the film, two young men with British accents echo the sentiments expressed by Lee Rigby's killer Michael Adebolajo and declare jihad against the UK and United States.

“I say to the United States that your time will come," says one of the men, who gives his age as 26, "and we will bleed you to death and, inshallah [God willing], shall raise a flag in the White House.”

The second jihadist calls on the British public to rise up against the government: "Like the guy in Woolwich, he explained that David Cameron would never walk on the street, and he’ll never get shot in the face, whereas you guys who are soldiers, or just normal folk, will take the blame for the crimes that are committed worldwide, by Britain itself, so we have to fight."
The film also shines a light on the communication difficulties that arise when radicalized extremists from Britain, France, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Turkey, among other countries, get together to fight on the front line.

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