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Grocery Shopping for North Korean Defectors

Thousands of North Koreans cross the border illegally into China every year. Living in constant fear of being discovered, defectors do everything to leave with all odds against them. If they are arrested in communist Laos, there’s the possibility of being sent back to North Korea, where they face prison camps or worse. The risks of escaping the North and heading to the South are so treacherous that fewer than 25,000 North Koreans have ever successfully made the journey.

For the third epiosde of VICE on HBO, we met up with a South Korean pastor who has developed a modern-day underground railroad that moves defectors from China to freedom and eventual citizenship in South Korea. In this clip, VICE's Thomas Morton goes shopping for some snacks for the kids. With severe food shortages and restrictions in North Korea, these treats will be some of the children's first.

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