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  • Abandoned Japanese Islands and Beyond

    If you've been reading Viceland for a while, you'll remember the absurdly popular blog that Alex Hoban wrote about Battleship Island, the abandoned island of high rise buildings which was once the most densely populated place on earth.

  • Chairman Mao's Underground City

    In 1969, Chairman Mao commanded the construction of a second Beijing beneath the surface of the original city, designed to accommodate all six million of its then inhabitants so that if nuclear war did kick off, folk would still have somewhere to hang out and play Mah Jong.


    One afternoon in Seoul, while bored and looking for anything to occupy my time, a guy I’d met a few days earlier told me he’d heard a rumour that a giant Boeing 747 had been dumped inexplicably on the doorstep of a housing complex out in the suburbs and was now slowly wasting awa…