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  • I Have Voluntary Tourette’s (and Am Insane)

    This is Blake’s 100th post for, and to mark the occasion he told us he wanted to write “something more personal” than his usual fare. In that spirit, he sent us this peek inside his brain. It's crazy in there.

  • Portrait of the Marquis de Sade as a Young Female Hacker

    Trisha Low's The Compleat Purge is an honest record of what it feels like to grow up during the internet age, a time when kids spend most of their days talking to strangers in chat rooms while assuming false identities for the thrill of becoming something new without movin…

  • Books I Gave Up on Reading

    I have a hard time letting myself stop reading a book once I’ve started. I always have faith that even though something starts off difficult or boring or bad it can suddenly shift gears, making insane sense out of what had before just seemed tedious as hell. Sometimes it's just i…

  • Reviews of Churches That Won’t Stop Growing

    Living in the South, I see a lot of churches. They’re fucking everywhere. And they keep growing. There’s so much money coming in, it’s almost like they don’t know what to do with it. Some have grown so much over the last decade, it’s like they’re alive, part of the sky…

  • Implausible Literary Halloween Costumes No One Will Recognize

    The Judge from Blood Meridian: One cool thing to do on Halloween is to act like a total dick to everybody and pretend it’s just part of your costume. Considering that the Judge is one of the biggest loudmouth brutes in all of literature, why not use the opportunity as an e…

  • Learning How to Haunt Yourself

    The more computers infiltrate our lives, the more fucked and torn apart people become. Where dicks like Whitman went off and lived surrounded with the trees, now we disappear into web browsers. Amina Cain, however, is able to turn the modern condition into haunting stories.

  • The Many False Floors of Harry Mathews

    Since 1962, Harry Mathews has published more than 30 works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, many of which blur the lines between the three so effectively it’s difficult to say which genre they fall into.

  • Everyone Is a Plagiarist

    In the face of all the recent discussion about plagiarism, I’ve been constantly thinking about inspiration, where anything comes from. It’s hard not to feel constantly affected by everything that surrounds us. After driving through Atlanta traffic, for instance, how many times ha…

  • Thirteen Alternate Endings for 'Breaking Bad'

    Alternate ending # 12: No episode airs. The station says it has been postponed until next week. And next week, they say next week. On and on like that until everyone who was alive when the show began is dead.

  • Burning Bodies and Playing Dead with Jeff Jackson

    An Excerpt from Jeff Jackson's New Novel, 'Mira Corpora'