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  • Six Things You Didn’t Know About Fucking Awesome

    Most people know Jason Dill as the chain-smoking, enigmatic skateboarding legend who has been a fixture in the New York City skate scene for over a decade. But did you know that he is also the proud father of a teenager? His clothing and skateboard brand Fucking Awesome is 13 yea…

  • Skinema

    Strapped for Teacher #03

    Judging from the variety of pornographic storytelling I’ve closely examined and reviewed over the years, a lot of romances spark in the schoolhouse. I’ve always thought PTA meetings would be a good place to creep out on hot MILFs.

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Bonnie Rotten, the AVN Performer of the Year, Has Super Powers

    Two weeks ago it was announced that Bonnie Rotten was the 2014 AVN Performer of the Year. The other day I stopped by her house to discuss her naughty grandma and teenage gang bangs, among other things.

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Nieratko Vs. Cheazy-E, Round II

    In the late 90s, while writing for the skateboarding magazine Big Brother, I thoroughly enjoyed fucking with my interview subjects. One of those subjects, a rapper named Cheazy-E, claimed my interview made him look like a "gott-damn retard" but also led to him being discov…

  • Skinema

    Belladonna - Part 1

    Legendary porn star Belladonna was arguably the biggest adult performer of the new millennium. She pioneered an aggressive, extreme, and highly sexualized—almost cannibalistic—type of porn. Chris Nieratko traces Belladonna's career through to her retirement.

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Sean Hayes: Skate Coach to the Stars

    For many in the industry, the idea of skateboarding as a competitive or team sport has long been a point of contention. And because the word “coach” automatically conjures up images of sweaty old jocks with whistles and exercise drills, it’s sometimes not a very respected profess…

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    San Francisco’s Best Skate Shop FTC Turns 27

    FTC Skate Shop has defied the odds—lasting nearly three decades, when most shops today can’t make it past three years. To celebrate the milestone, they’ve released a hardcover book detailing the 90s street skating movement they were so instrumental in cultivating.

  • Meet the Nieratkos

    Brian Gaberman’s Life in Transition

    Toward the tail end of the 90s Brian Gaberman moved to San Francisco to work at the now-defunct, legendary skate mag Slap. His aesthetic fell right in line with what I wanted from a skate photo (wide, warm, grainy black and white shots that showcased our world, not just a

  • Skinema

    Brazil Xposed

    The biggest scam in Rio de Janeiro is that the sexy topless prostitutes shaking their boobs and butts at you on the street corners are actually men. Or were men. Now she-men. But goddamn if they aren’t convincing.

  • Skinema

    MILFs Anal Addiction

    There are people who are cursed with incurable diseases, missing limbs, small penises… I feel no pity for them because my curse is far worse than anything found in a medical encyclopedia. My curse is that I’m never seated next to a beautiful woman on an airplane.