Drew Millard

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Drew Millard is a petulant, rap-obsessed 12 year-old trapped in a 23 year-old's body. His favorite food is asparagus, has written for many different publications and is worrying this is sounding like the beginning of an OK Cupid profile. He lives is Brooklyn, but is from North Carolina. He really wants to meet Drake.

Articles by Drew Millard

  • The Cosmic Adventures of Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire

    You probably know Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire as a hard-partying, lecherous alt-rapper, the dude who told you and your friends to go "drunk driving on a Wednesday." This caricature couldn't be further from the truth, and he's setting the record straight with a new mixtape called 'Ki…

  • Pete Wentz Is the Last True Punk

    In addition to being Colin Powell's grand nephew and the leader of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz used to be in a black nationalist powerviolence band called Racetraitor. All this confused us, so we talked to him about it.

  • There's an App that Lets You Play Dress Up with Drake

    I discovered an iPhone app called Dress Drake, which is literally just an iPhone app where you put clothes on Drake. This app is great, mainly because it provides definitive proof that we are living in the future. I would seriously be surprised if we didn't figure out hoverboards…

  • Farrah Abraham's Music Is Way Better Than Her Sex Tape

    This week the internet lost its hive mind for the Farrah Abraham/James Deen sex tape, 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.' I watched part of it, and it was OK, but it doesn't hold a candle to her musical output, which is pure postmodern outsider art trash. Think Henry Darger me…

  • Mac Miller Opens Up

    If you haven't been paying attention, you might not have known that Mac Miller has abandoned party-rap in favor of a psychedelic, near-Based perspective on life. These days, however, he's totally fine if you're not paying attention.

  • I Saw Limp Bizkit Last Night and It Changed My Life

    What is greatness? Is greatness 40 million records sold? If so, then Fred Durst has indeed achieved greatness. Is greatness the adulation of untold scores of strangers, screaming your own words—words that you wrote—back at you while fireworks and shit go off behind you? If that’s…

  • R.A. the Rugged Man Still Hates Every Record Label

    There are few rappers working in America today with the pedigree of R. A. the Rugged Man. Signed to Jive Records as a teenager during hip-hop's golden age, the Rugged Man failed to find an audience, eventually catching a sexual harassment charge and getting blacklisted by the maj…

  • R. Kelly Performed "Ignition (Remix)" with Phoenix and Almost Made Me Cry

    “BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE,” Kellz sang out, as Phoenix changed the tempo from “French” to “Grown and Sexy,” and we launched into a performance so special that it united a field full of strangers.

  • Looking for Lohan at Coachella, Settling for Riff Raff

    What’s disconcerting about the people who attend Coachella is that they are all shockingly beautiful. Maybe this is just a California thing, or maybe it’s just an “I Can Afford to Attend a Very Expensive Festival so I Might as Well Look Nice Around Rich People” thing, or maybe it…

  • Riding in Cars with The-Dream

    Perhaps no one understands the awesomeness of being The-Dream better than The-Dream himself. This thought occurs to me approximately .00064 seconds after The-Dream jokingly claims that the curtains in the back of the Maybach we’re riding in are made from a bunch of stitched-toget…