Harry Cheadle

Associate Editor

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Harry Cheadle is an Associate Editor at VICE. He writes about politics and poop and prisons and other stuff.

Articles by Harry Cheadle

  • Seven Dark Horse Candidates for Pope

    Everyone agrees that the next pope, like pretty much every pope in history, will be an old guy who is already a high-ranking member of the Church, but it doesn’t have to be. The new pope doesn't even have to be ordained, technically, and ain't no rule says a dog can't be pope.

  • Mother Teresa Was a Jerk, and So Were a Bunch of Other Saints

    According to a study conducted by Canadian researchers, Mother Teresa wasn't as saintly as everyone assumed. But if you look back on the 10,000 people who have been canonized by the Catholic Church over the centuries, some of the other saints were way worse.

  • All Politicians Should Talk as Much as Rand Paul Just Did

    Yesterday was one of those rare days when you could feel good about something that happened in Congress: Rand Paul stood up just before noon, started talking about drones, and didn’t stop for 13 hours. He spoke at length about something he cares about, which is an unusual sight i…

  • What’s So Bad About Cockfighting Again?

    Obviously, cockfighting is a barbaric blood sport. But is it that big of a problem compared to, say, chicken factory farms? Do we really want to send people to jail for it? And when did America start giving a shit about chickens?

  • The Strange Sad Saga of the Power Hour Trademark Lawsuit

    An "entrepreneur" named Steve Roose was mistakenly granted the trademark to the phrase "power hour" and started harassing anyone who used those words online, including a musician named Ali Spagnola who refused to give in to him. Three years and $30,000 later, she won a court case…

  • Can Ashley Judd Save America?

    Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and one of the most loathsome politicians in the US, is up for reelection next year, and his most serious challenger is, apparently, Ashley Judd. Can she save the country from his obstructionism? Spoiler alert: No.

  • How Many Ways Did the Oscars Offend Everyone?

    Like all major events where anyone talks for more than half an hour, the Academy Awards were a chance for people to get extremely angry about what others were saying and doing. Here is an incomplete list of the events that happened during the Oscars that people took offense to.

  • Do People Really Dress Like Shit in Buffalo?

    As if Buffalo, New York, didn’t have enough to worry about with its struggling economy and tons of fat people and brutal winters, last year a website called Bundle.com named the city of 260,000 the “least fashionable city in America.”

  • Guns: The Cause of, and the Solution to, All of Life’s Problems

    Republicans believe that gun ownership is a Constitutionally protected right with a philosophical pedigree. They now also appear to think that the more guns people carry around, the better society will be, which is a different and weirder proposition.

  • Obama Wants to Kill the Penny and So Should You

    Nearly everyone who has thought about it agrees that pennies are terrible and we should get rid of them. They cost more than they are worth to produce, they aren’t accepted as currency by machines that take other coins, and they clutter people’s pockets and change jars.