Harry Cheadle

Associate Editor

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Harry Cheadle is an Associate Editor at VICE. He writes about politics and poop and prisons and other stuff.

Articles by Harry Cheadle

  • Can an Atheist Church Make Nonbelievers Nicer?

    People who go to church are happier, healthier, and more optimistic than people who don't. Atheists, of course, miss out on all these benefits—or they have until recently. "Atheist churches" have been popping up in the US and the UK and they might just encourage nonbelievers to b…

  • Dread Judges

    The Supreme Court is increasingly politicized and prone to making far-reaching rulings that negate laws passed by Congress. You can call the US a democracy if you like, but most of the important policy choices are made by an unelected council.

  • If Republicans Want Young Voters, Maybe They Should Just Stop Being Bigots

    The difficulty the Republicans have, see, in attracting young people is that the GOP tends to hate gays and young people see that for the vile bigotry it is. It's not the GOP's phrasing, it's what it's saying that makes young voters so turned off.

  • Why Are the British Obsessed with Sheds?

    To me—and probably to most Americans—sheds are little crappy booths some people store firewood or tools in. But in the UK, they have a Shed Week and a Shed of the Year contest and fans of sheds, who go around calling themselves "sheddies." I wanted to know more, so I investigated…

  • Hiding Your Calls and Texts from Big Brother

    Silent Circle is a company that offers a way for individuals and companies to protect their communications from everyone from the NSA to run-of-the-mill identity thieves. They say they don't store your data and that their system is so secure that even the FBI is a customer.

  • America’s Not-So-Secret Paranoid Underbelly

    Free-floating fear and half-baked ideas about what’s REALLY going on have been a more significant part of American history than is generally accepted, according to Jesse Walker’s thorough, meticulously researched book The United States of Paranoia. I recently chatted with…

  • Privacy’s Public, Government-Sponsored Death

    The idea that there’s a private sphere and a public one and that the government rarely intrudes on the former is hopelessly outdated—the question we should be asking ourselves isn’t how do we stop surveillance; it’s how do we live with it.

  • After Michele Bachmann, America Needs Another Outrage Machine

    Michele Bachmann made a career out of saying "crazy" and "controversial" things and pissing off Democrats while giving a symbol for Republicans to rally around. She raised money for Republicans and Democrats by energizing both sides. If she didn't exist, the political ecosystem w…

  • Rich Paul Is Appealing His 81-Year Prison Sentence for Selling Pot

    A jury found Rich Paul guilty last month and sent him away for a long, long time for a nonviolent crime. But he's appealing—even though he admittedly sold weed to an FBI informant—on the grounds that that jury wasn't properly informed about their ability to acquit him. You can he…

  • Juggalos Are OK, Cupid

    OkCupid Juggalos is a Tumblr devoted to pointing and laughing at people who get panic attacks, work at McDonald's, run possum adoption agencies, and happen to be Insane Clown Posse fans. Why are people cool with it?