Harry Cheadle

Associate Editor

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Harry Cheadle is an Associate Editor at VICE. He writes about politics and poop and prisons and other stuff.

Articles by Harry Cheadle

  • America’s Not-So-Secret Paranoid Underbelly

    Free-floating fear and half-baked ideas about what’s REALLY going on have been a more significant part of American history than is generally accepted, according to Jesse Walker’s thorough, meticulously researched book The United States of Paranoia. I recently chatted with…

  • Privacy’s Public, Government-Sponsored Death

    The idea that there’s a private sphere and a public one and that the government rarely intrudes on the former is hopelessly outdated—the question we should be asking ourselves isn’t how do we stop surveillance; it’s how do we live with it.

  • After Michele Bachmann, America Needs Another Outrage Machine

    Michele Bachmann made a career out of saying "crazy" and "controversial" things and pissing off Democrats while giving a symbol for Republicans to rally around. She raised money for Republicans and Democrats by energizing both sides. If she didn't exist, the political ecosystem w…

  • Rich Paul Is Appealing His 81-Year Prison Sentence for Selling Pot

    A jury found Rich Paul guilty last month and sent him away for a long, long time for a nonviolent crime. But he's appealing—even though he admittedly sold weed to an FBI informant—on the grounds that that jury wasn't properly informed about their ability to acquit him. You can he…

  • Juggalos Are OK, Cupid

    OkCupid Juggalos is a Tumblr devoted to pointing and laughing at people who get panic attacks, work at McDonald's, run possum adoption agencies, and happen to be Insane Clown Posse fans. Why are people cool with it?

  • How Are We Supposed to Know What the Government Does?

    The most important reason that the media exists is to tell the public what’s happening and what the people in power are doing about it. That’s increasingly difficult when the decisions that matter are shrouded in multiple levels of secrecy.

  • Old People Hate Hipsters, Justin Bieber, and Kurt Cobain, Poll Shows

    A Public Policy Polling survey of voters showed that Americans hate Bieber, haven't really heard of Skrillex, and have never downloaded any music illegally. In other news, the average American voter polled in these things is OLD.

  • Are We There Yet? - The May/June Issue of 'Endtime Magazine'

    You’d think it would be pretty fun to write for a magazine where you constantly get to talk about the end of the world. It’d be especially thrilling for you every time a new pope gets announced because, obviously, you get to ask, IS THIS POPE THE LAST, EVIL POPE WHO WILL USHER IN…

  • We Need to Stop Arresting So Many Children

    The law-enforcement system isn’t designed for children—just about the only thing it can do is send people to jail, which in nearly every case is a horrific overreaction when it comes to kids being dumb. The police can be one of the most destructive forces in the lives of young pe…

  • Gay-Proofing the Bible

    An anonymous group of Christians is claiming that, actually, the parts of the Bible that are interpreted as references to homosexuality don’t say anything at all about diddling someone who has the same type of junk as yours—and they’ve gone a step further by retranslating the res…