Kate Carraway

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Kate Carraway is from Toronto. She writes a weekly column called Obseshes for VICE.com, and a monthly one in the mag called Lil' Thinks. Follow her on Twitter @KateCarraway.

Articles by Kate Carraway

  • Obseshes

    Feminist Fatigue

    Feminist fatigue, the kind of philosophical sleepiness that sweeps through me/you/everyone when there is too much to say no to and is something I have felt for years and years, in waves. Not nice warm ocean waves like in Florida but, like, 'The French Lieutenant’s Woman' waves…

  • Obseshes

    The Relative Transgressions of 'Girls'

    The discussion around Lena Dunham’s body (her body!) last week after an episode of 'Girls' where she spends a couple of days having sex with Patrick Wilson—who I find creepy and unappealing but who the Man Internet decided was waaaay too hot for Dunham and who would never put it…

  • Obseshes

    Vin Diesel's Cream-Colored Long Johns

    In the movie 'xXx' (hahahahaha), Vin Diesel spends some crucial screen time in cream-colored long johns and if you can forget that it’s Vin Diesel (can you?) as “Vin Diesel” and think of him as “Mark Vincent” who has a twin and a kid and wants to do work that achieves more (you c…

  • Obseshes

    Boys Are Dogs and Girls Are Cats

    Why do guys make plans within two texts and a couple of hours and girls make plans with 30 emails and several weeks and two cancellations? Boys are like this, and girls are like this. Boys are dogs, and girls are cats.

  • Obseshes

    Let's All Stop Complaining About High School

    “Peaked in high school” is a sound concept: a lot of people do. (A lot, a lot, a lot.) The adult lives of many high school mob bosses are just sad as all fuck, not sad like “I’m judging you for your social affiliations and entertainment choices” sad, because that’s mean, but sad…

  • Li'l Thinks


    Anything that is commonly understood as the province of teenage girls or their proxies is understood to be something dumb. A “selfie” is understood to be dumb, and it really is, but it’s also the ordering feature of the internet.

  • Obseshes

    Obseshes ≠ Endorsements

    So when I say I’m obseshed with the just announced mini Black Flag re-re-reunion, I mean that I am interested in the way that an academic is interested when a Google Alert pops up about something tangentially related to his research but isn’t like busting a nut about it.

  • Obseshes

    Self-Imposed Chocolate Poisoning

    OK you guys this is going to be a tough read because I did it while I was bent over at the waist—or like between being bent over, but not for long because sitting up is real, real hard—because I ate some chocolate really quickly before a meeting, and whatever adult moves I like t…

  • Obseshes

    Welcome to My Obseshes

    Here in “Obseshes” (RIP Girl News) we will talk about some stuff to like, to love, and to be obsessed with, for real but just for right now. Well, maybe for longer, but that doesn’t matter. OK? OK.

  • Li'l Thinks

    Realness, to the Extreme

    Couldn’t the consistently shitty foundation of almost everything we are and live with be some kind of necessary substructure of checks and balances? Like, a carefully evolutionary-ed trias politica, in the interest of maintaining a relatively stable level of the Fucking Worst Stu…