Sam McPheeters

Sam McPheeters was born in Lorain, Ohio in 1969. He is the former lead singer of Born Against, Men's Recovery Project, and Wrangler Brutes, and the founder of Vermiform Records. His columns, essays, profiles, and short stories have appeared in The American Prospect, Chicago Reader, OC Weekly, Punk Planet, The Stranger, Vice, and The Village Voice. He lives in Pomona, CA, with his wife.

Articles by Sam McPheeters

  • “Dude, No”

    In 11 years as a bounty hunter, Keith had never learned how to pick a lock. He had kicked through his share of doors, but only the hollow cores that guarded the bathrooms and closets his fugitives scurried into, like sick pets.

  • The Dessert Psycho

    I’ve worked in just enough restaurants to recognize an abnormally large pastry station when I see one. It was January, and I was standing in the kitchen below Del Posto, one of New York’s most prestigious restaurants.

  • When Men Were Awesome

    This May I finally visited Mount Vernon, plantation home of America's first president, George Washington. Joe Preston escorted me. By this point, the burly bearded bassist (Earth, High on Fire, Melvins, Thrones) had joined me on three and a half tours.

  • Disneyland After Dark

    Last week I chaperoned a graduating high school class of 2009 to Grad Nite, an exclusive all-night party at Disneyland.

  • Screwed By Search

    In 1984, I was 15 and always eager to learn something new about the human experience. For some reason, the photo booth at the Central Avenue Woolworth's in Albany, New York, was my preferred venue for these lessons.

  • The Future Of Fashion

    It might seem presumptuous to make fashion predictions after a decade that saw so few fashion innovations.

  • My Obama Hajj

    As someone raised on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I have to report that the actual invitation to the 2009 presidential inauguration looked a tad underwhelming.

  • The Troublemaker

    On a Wednesday afternoon in February 2007, I shared a booth with a man named 26 inside the Travelers Club International Restaurant & Tuba Museum in Okemos, Michigan. We'd picked a spot far enough from the door to give us some respite from the winter blast, and dozens of African m…

  • First Novel

    How can I describe how it felt to complete my first novel? For me, the moment was a medley of emotion: relief, pride, closure. And sorrow. I was going to miss my quirky band of characters, all their pratfalls and gambling debts and incorrectly made chai lattes.