• My Mansion

    I grew up in what I guess you'd call a chicken coop. It was this place that used to be a chicken house.

  • Mountain Momma

    I'm 21 and I was raised in Louisa, Kentucky. I love it here. It's peaceful. It's quiet. I have two kids, Destiny and Jacob. They're one and two years old. I'm raising them on my own because their dad was unfaithful.

  • LBJ Day

    This memoir of Lyndon B. Johnson's visit to Kentucky was handwritten by Inez, Kentucky native Shelba Pack Brown on April 24, 1964. We maintained the spelling and grammar just as it was because we like the way it sounds. That's all. It's not to be funny.

  • Family Tradition

    Martin County, Kentucky is dry. That means unless you can make moonshine, you ain't getting drunk. If you want to crank it up, you need to head over the bridge into Fort Gay (yeah, yeah), West Virginia. That's where the Wildcat bar is.

  • Welcome To Notts

    "Don't let the bastards grind you down" was one of the key quotes from the 1960 Albert Finney movie Saturday Night & Sunday Morning.

  • This Is Poverty

    I have lived in Radford since 1963 and I’ve seen the place change a lot. The fact of the matter is that family life has gone down and anti-social behaviour has become more of a problem.

  • How To Make It As A Single Mum Of Five

    I've lived here in Brockstow all my life. When I was 17 I got pregnant with Sinead and I had her at 18. I was with Sinead's dad Terry for three years and then he started taking brown (heroin) and stuff.

  • How To Rob

    The first day we were in Radford and St Ann's, we kept asking people about how the area got its reputation for violence. People like the councillor on Page 38 told us the reputation was undeserved and was manufactured by the media to make for a good story.

  • To Live & Die

    We went up to the St Ann's area of Nottingham late on Saturday night to talk to a family who live in a council house on a notorious road called Kingsthorpe Close. While we were driving there, the white taxi driver told us that he hoped we were wearing bullet proof vests.

  • In Memoriam

    This was in The Meadows housing estate. A couple of weeks previously, Nathan Williams, aged 17, was shot in the estate's shopping centre. It was broad daylight and witnesses say it was after an argument over a pushbike.

  • Drug Dealing

    We met up with this guy on Sunday afternoon in Radford. All the time we were talking to him, his wife was beeping the horn on his car really urgently and stressing out like she wanted him to leave really quickly. Then we looked down at his leg.

  • Coal Every Day

    Steve Brierly is a coal merchant with a business on Ilkeston Road. We met him outside the chip shop when he was knocking off for the day. The next day we went back to his yard and talked about how the whole industry was screwed.

  • Gary The Landlord

    The Marquis is a meeting point for The Radford Boys, which is a collection of men born and bred in the area.

  • Killing Students

    I first saw Friendly Fires live a few years ago at The Dublin Castle in Camden when the band were still at university and went under the awful name First Day Back.