• Big Deal

    For centuries man has designed and built wondrous, awe inspiring monuments which cast shadows over mediocrity.

  • Vice Fashion - The Design Issue

    Over the years I have had many client requests for male chastity devices.

  • Warped Vision

    Wolf Eyes makes the kind of music that burrows into your skull like a hungry maggot.

  • Lapdancers Unite

    If you ask any of the girls working down at Melbourne strip joint Spearmint Rhino how they feel about getting paid to wave their pink bits at people, most will tell you they're getting a pretty sweet deal.

  • Rockstar Games Presents The VICE Halloween Parties

    Pictures from the VICE Halloween parties.

  • Big Brother Is Watching

    I have had some fucked up jobs in my time, but have now, most definitely, reached an all time low.

  • Fire A Friend

    After failing to get any of the eight jobs for which I recently had interviews, I decided that something was definitely amiss.

  • King of Cool

    You know those people who are just innately cool? Those people who seem to do cool shit all the fucking time (probably even when they stay at home all day)?

  • Loaded Basses

    A lot of bands at the moment seem to share a similar formula. Sure, they mix in their own unique ingredients, but the recipe remains pretty much the same.

  • Pretty In Pink

    I dj and perform with DAMN, am a music consultant, produce, remix, and edit material for fashion wankers and corporate winkies alike and I co promote the Bang Gang with my good friends.

  • One Teaspoon Classic Denim Launch Party

    Pictures from the One Teaspoon launch party.

  • We Love You

    It all starts with love. Love is a four-letter word. Four is a four-letter word. As Love. As Four. We always say this.

  • Dear Diary

    On Thursday I went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade with Steve, Jamie, and Alex. Boyz II Men KISSED ME!

  • Out of My Lips

    Is it safe to say that the three-way kiss is officially the most annoying new phenomenon of the new millennium? Yes, it is.