• Skinema


    Dear Reader, does your lifestyle require that you drink Pabst Blue Ribbon and have tattoos of anchors? Does your peer group expect you to wear Dickies or unwashed Levi’s with clever t-shirts?

  • Be Like Bigfoot

    Our friend Josh Grace made, and is seen here wearing, the best costume of all time. It was done for the movie Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace. This fucking thing makes your most inventive idea ever look like cutting a couple holes in an old sheet and calling it Ghost…

  • I'm Busted

    People in the real world imagine a lot of horror stories coming out of prison. And in a sense they're right-a lot of foul shit goes down. All you free people have seen Oz, right? But living in the belly of the beast, prisoners learn that horror stories are only at the extreme end…

  • Keeping Score On The Gore

    Dr. Howard C. Adelman is a pathologist who does private consultations for police, private investigators, and local morticians. To a horror-movie fan and true-crime fan, the guy is also a living legend. He was the deputy chief medical inspector at the original Amityville murders o…

  • Vice Fashion - Horror Camp Massacre

    Photos By Richard Kern
    Styling by Gia Bahm

  • The vice Guide To Horror Villains

    Real horror fans are nerds who want revenge. We root for our favorite villains the whole way through the film because we WANT the innocents to be killed and tortured. Therein lies the fun. That's why the victims of all the slasher films are preppy football players and their gorge…

  • Dos & Don'ts

    When you're over 25, you're ready for a bit of droop factor in the tit department. Not sagging weasel heads but a cute little-brown nippled "fuck you" to the world of fake tits. Some girls know that and they send out secret boob messages from inside their jean jackets that make y…

  • Been There, Done That

    I have been clinically dead five times, not even counting sudden CPR rescues by ambulance or passersby. I once had no vital signs for 20 minutes unofficially and 15 officially. I should have the intelligence of a plant at most

  • Dear Diary

    Last night was Halloween but I didn’t do anything. I stayed home to give out candy but nobody really came to our door. Supposedly there was a fight at Barry Lane, and Ally and Julie went and Marcie and Wendy were there too but I guess I feel like Marcie doesn’t really like me. I…

  • Last Rites

    I recently saw a flier in my building announcing the death of one of the tenants. It was an open invitation for people to gather and "celebrate her life with stories, music, and prayer." Sickening. When did death become such a hippie fest? When I die, I want my funeral to be a tr…

  • ...But Be Cool To Your Grandparents

    Your grandparents are really cool, and you should be cool back to them.

  • Ew, I Saw My Parents Doing It!

    I cried and was afraid of dad for months.

  • The Witten Effect

    Benjamin Theves's love of music was awakened the same way it is for most kids, during a break dance contest to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" when he was eight.

  • Doomsday Metal

    For this months parental advisory event we're putting our money on Lords of Chaos the movie.