• Electric Independence

    In Aix-en-Provence at the start of June, the only animals I really noticed were lizards, other than stacks of birds whose names I can never recall, and last time I checked they're reptiles.

  • The Corporatization Of Drum Circles

    Tribal drum circles for businessmen.

  • Pockets Dumb Fat

    We first met Turf Talk back when he was still Young, splayed out on the floor of Vallejo's 80 West Music like the eager kid that he was.

  • Down And Out

    This month I spent four days living undercover among the beggars, drunks and junkies of the Berlin underground.
    I'd fancied exploring Berlin's welfare food giveaways for a long time. I always

  • Dead Musicians

    It is typical of music fans' immaturity and blind self-absorption that they mourn the deaths of their idols.

  • Vice Fashion - Trick Or Treat

    Photos by Kristian Bengtsson
    Styling by Lisa Sundström

  • I'm Busted

    A lot of hippies came from families of privilege. When their little movement didn’t work out, they slowly reverted back to form but kept their decadent lifestyles.

  • I'm Busted

    In the pen there ain't a whole hell of a lot to do.

  • Bound Forever

    Fruity New York warbler Antony has the craziest voice you'll ever hear.

  • Doomsday Disco

    Panico are a band from Chile and their debut album, Subliminal Kill (Tigersushi), sounds like they take a lot of psychedelics.

  • Vice Fashion - The Tidbits Issue

    Photos by Taz Darling
    Styling by Aldene Johnson

    Vincent is the lead singer from Vincent Vincent & The Villains. They've got a

  • Tidbits

    Beating off old men in the backs of cars is a great way to make five bucks, but what if you're not a gay junkie?

  • All The Places I Never Wanted To Go

    06.8.05, Orlando, FL
    We're on the Warped Tour and I feel like we're sore thumbs. Fear Factory and their crew seem to be the first band to really attempt to embrace us as friends and fans

  • Be Like Bigfoot

    Our friend Josh Grace made, and is seen here wearing, the best costume of all time. It was done for the movie Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace. This fucking thing makes your most inventive idea ever look like cutting a couple holes in an old sheet and calling it Ghost…