• Air, Trees, Water, Animals

    Fuck what you heard. This is true Southern hip hop. Not only does it make New York sound like a commercial for Burger King, it makes other Southerners like Outkast sound like a Broadway play of "Fat Albert" (seems Dre and Big Boi sense this too and were seen memorizing the casset…

  • Vice Pictures

    Photos by Glynnis McDaris

  • Pssst! - Hey Kid!

    People that join the military are basically bitches wanting to be worked by the biggest pimp.

  • Vice Fashion

    Photos by Ryan McGinley

  • The Road To Euphoria

    There were thirty thousand tabs of Ecstasy in three clear plastic bags on the coffee table between us.

  • The Return Of New York City

    Street walkers, street style, street beat, street crime - street life in general - disappeared with the streets.
    New York City has been without a sound for years now, but just when we'd given up

  • Sound Of The Pirates

    Saturday night, February 24. A sweaty underground club in the UK heaves with an impatient crowd waiting for Kosheen, the live/vocal drum and bass act that, like every new talent, has been hailed as "the one that will save drum and bass." A quick scan of the crowd reveals precisel…

  • Steady Bombin'

    On Saturday, April 21st, at the age of 29, Hector Saul Ramirez (AKA Hec) was struck and killed by the G train while bombing between stops. His wife Cristina Ramirez and friend Tami Brown wrote the following

  • Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Staking claim to the home of the original gun clap, Brooklyn's sharp shooting MCs Tek & Steele aren't about to back down on this rap game. They're known for spitting rounds in underground anthems like "Super Brooklyn" and "Get Up" (from Lyricist Lounge 2), but music isn't the onl…

  • One Foot In The Gutter One Fist In The Goal

    "For really, what is the bedrock of all male aspiration, if it isn't cunt and money?"
    -Iceberg Slim
    Evolving out of the adolescent fetishizing that spawned Star Wars Breakbeats

  • Literary

    The order of my favorite sentences from my new favorite book:
    3. “Josh liked doing it doggie-style because Mimi had an ass full of

  • Oh-oh-eye-oh-oh

    Yoshimi's the coolest. Besides her already legendary drum/trumpet/howling work with Japanese noise band The Boredoms and the art-rock supergroup Free Kitten, Yoshimi fronts an all-girl band called OOIOO (say it like: "Oh-oh-eye-oh-oh") that started when she brought three good-loo…

  • Dear Diary

    It's cold tonight! And it's JUNE! I hate that. I lost student council president. They're probably going to make me secretary or something gay like that!!! UGH! Why do I bother! You know what I want. I want to get out of here. OR BETTER. I want to be kidnapped --just stolen by a g…

  • Ne Pour Un Petit Pain

    Dat Politics brilliantly contravene the European Union directive which states that all music produced in France since 1995 has to be either A: irresistibly camp filtered disco, or B: sound like the classical-synth soundtrack to an epic early 80s Italian cartoon series about media…