• Happy Valentimes from VICE

    We commissioned some of our favorite working cartoonists and illustrators to make custom Valentine's cards for you nice folks out there to give to someone you love or jerk off to or just stare at as you cry and think about how you are so fat and awful and no one will ever love yo…

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    I Was a Preteen Alice Cooper

    The year was 1989. My mom took me to the supermarket, and I walked past the video games and walked into the music aisle. There, I met a leather-clad alien with long, black hair, who would change my life. His name was Alice Cooper.

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    Two and a Half Men

    Dad, will you help me with my math homework?

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    There's Only One Me

    Look over there at that purple blob! He's cute and sweet and lives in a castle. He's the perfect friend, except for the fact that he, well, locks people up and keeps them in a dungeon if they follow him into his castle.

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    Sleep Hole

    I was trying to sleep, but my dumb boyfriend kept waking me up to tell me that he had made coffee. For whatever reason, the idiot couldn't comprehend that I only wake up to party.

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    Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #98

    The biggest comic news of the last month has doubtlessly been that Shia Labeouf ripped off a movie he made called HowardCantor.com from a Dan Clowes comic called Justin M. Damiano. I'm surprised that more people don't recognize what Shia did as an act of self-destruction.

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    Jan 8 ’14 10:30 PM

    Leslie Stein has developed a following for her autobiographical comic book series Eye of the Majestic Creature, published by Fantagraphics Books. In this week's Sunday comic, Leslie continues her autobiographical experiment, writing about everyone's favorite things: fried

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    Pecan Sandy

    Pecan Sandy was the cutest girl in town. She drank camomile tea, hung out with a teddy bear, and everyone loved her—at least, until she burnt her house down.

  • Meet the New Muslim Girl Superhero

    On February 5, the new Ms. Marvel series will hit the newsstands, with Kamala Khan as the leading gal. She isn’t sexed up—we mean not in the typical comic-book sense as her boobs are not bigger than her head, but she is totally badass and ready to "take out the trash.”

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    Cannibal Sativa

    I was drunk on malt liquor when I smoked my first hit of marijuana. I went bananas and nearly jumped seven stories out of my Upper West Side apartment window.

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    Francis Bear

    Minus forest fires and poachers, bears are living the life. They sit, drink, and shit all day long. One day, Francis Bear was lounging on his roof, having a lazy afternoon, when his friend came over with beers and snacks. It was a perfect lazy day until Francis started to play wi…

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    Here Are the Ten Best Comics of 2013, or at Least Some Good Comics That Came Out This Year That You Should Buy

    Trying to rank creative works in order of goodness is sort of vulgar and stupid, but anyway, here we go.

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    Grand Theft Andy

    Andy flies in helicopters, steals people's cars at gunpoint, and shoots cops while wearing a collared shirt. He is an all American con artist and badass, and this is the story of how he took over an entire city and then got beat up by a hooker after he paid her for sex.

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    You'll Be Mark

    When I decided to become a drug dealer, I thought I would become cool. I imagined I would cruise around New York City and my alias would be Charles Bukowski. Instead, my boss made me use a beeper and decided my new name was Mark.